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Professional Aviation


Davison Professional Aviation Building (DAVH)

Davison Professional Aviation Building

Louisiana Tech Flight Operations

Flight Operations building\

Aircraft (Cessna 172 and Piper Arrow)

Louisiana Tech utilizes a fleet of 10 Cessna 172R and 172S aircraft and 2 Piper Arrows. All of the airplanes are owned by the University and operated exclusively for the aviation flight training programs. Airplane maintenance is accomplished through a contract with Ruston Aviation, Inc.

Cessna 172Cessna 172 CockpitPiper Arrow

FRASCA Level 6 Flight Training Device

For much of the instrument and commercial training course, students will utilize a Level 6 Cessna 172 trainer. Louisiana Techs FTD has an avionics layout which is identical to its Cessna 172 aircraft. Situational awareness is maximized with a 270 degree wrap-around screen.


FRASCA G1000 Simulator

FRASCA G1000 Simulator

Professional Aviation Computer Lab

The Aviation Department has its own dedicated computer lab located in the campus aviation building with 30 computers and a computer lab located in the flight operations building with 12 computers. The computers are used by the Department for Professional Aviation courses, for student use, and for administering computerized FAA examinations.

Aviation Computer Lab