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Flight Fee Policies

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Charges for the flight fees are normally assigned for the academic year and for the most part will remain constant. Louisiana Tech University must reserve the right to make adjustments in student flight fees when it is required to meet the financial requirements of the University. This is normally only necessary when miscellaneous student expenses are adjusted -- such as liability insurance fees and the cost of AVGAS -- which is beyond the control of the University and must be met by the student.


Students enrolled in flight courses are required to maintain a minimum of $500.00 on deposit in a "Flight Account". The deposit, less any flight charges, will be refunded when students terminate their flight training with Louisiana Tech. Deposits to the flight account for flight fees can be made at anytime in minimum increments of $100.00. Students will be provided weekly statements (upon request) reflecting the balances in their accounts. When their flight account balance falls below $500.00, the students will not be permitted to fly until an additional payment is made.


Students who resign from the University and drop their flying course, students who fail to complete their flying course, or students who are dismissed will be refunded all of their remaining flight account balance along with their flight account deposit.

For more information please contact the Louisiana Tech University Aviation Department.