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Flight Instructor Certificate Requirements

Although the commercial pilot certificate does allow flight for hire, it is usually the flight instructor who first finds work in the flying field. Even a brand new CFI is immediately employable, since flight instructors are in constant demand. Additionally, CFIs build valuable pilot-in-command time whenever they are flying with a student pilot. Thus, this certificate is usually the key to progression within a civilian flying career. The new CFI is building important experience while being paid to fly. Some choose to become career CFIs, but most airline and corporate pilots have been instructors at some point in their career.

There is no minimum flight time under 14 CFR 61 for this certificate. The commercial certificate is a prerequisite. During this phase of training, the student learns the skills of precision flying from the right seat along with basic teaching techniques. The assertive Tech student will complete this certificate by their second year and may be selected as a Tech flight instructor.