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FAA Certified Training Courses

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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Approved Flight Training Courses

The University is recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration as a 14 CFR 141 certified flight training center. Flight training is offered to qualify for the following certificates and ratings:

Training for Flight Instructor certificates is conducted under 14 CFR 61.

FAA Examining Certification

The Aviation Department is authorized to administer FAA computer knowledge examinations. Because of the cost of acquiring and updating the computer software, the Department charges a nominal fee of $150.00 per examination. Currently, the Department is authorized to administer the Private, Commercial, Instrument, Fundamentals of Instructing, Certified Flight Instructor, Certificated Instrument Instructor, Basic Ground Instructor, Advanced Ground Instructor, and Instrument Ground Instructor examinations. Examinations are conducted in the Department computer lab and the test results are available to the student within minutes after completing the examination.