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Pre-Professional Speech-Language Pathology

Course Descriptions

SPCH 205:  Introduction to Audiology

3 Hours Credit
0-3-3.  Study of the auditory mechanism, physics of sound, basic hearing disorders, and their treatment. (G)

SPCH 206:  Beginning Sign Language    (elective course)
3 Hours Credit 
0-3-3.  Introduction to manual communication, emphasizing fingerspelling, the vocabulary and structure of American Sign Language (ASL) used by the Deaf Community.

SPCH 210:  Introduction to Communicative Disorders
3 Hours Credit
0-3-3.  A study of the various disorders of communication, their nature, etiology, and treatment.

SPCH 222:  Phonetics
3 Hours Credit
0-3-3. Principles of phonetics;  articulatory phonetics; description and classification of sounds; transcription at different levels of detail; production and perception included.

SPCH 301:  Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism
3 Hours Credit
0-3-3.  Functional anatomy and physiology of those structures association with speech production and reception.

SPCH 302:  Introduction to Speech and Hearing Science
3 Hours Credit
0-3-3.  Comprehensive survey of the communicative process from the speaker to the listener, speech production, acoustics, and speech perception.

SPCH 304:  Intermediate Sign Language and Deaf Culture    (elective course)
3 Hours Credit  
0-3-3.  Preq.  SPCH 206.  Continuation of manual communication emphasizing vocabulary and structure of American Sign Language (ASL).  Emphasis on expressive and receptive skills.  Selected readings on the Deaf Culture.

SPCH 305:  Evaluation of Hearing    (elective course)
3 Hours Credit 
0-3-3.  Preq.  SPCH 205.  This class will include the study of auditory pathologies and the evaluation procedures used in the differential diagnosis of hearing loss.

SPCH 311:  Neuroscience
3 Hours Credit
0-3-3.  Preq. SPCH 301, 302, or Permission of Instructor.  Introduction to functional neuroanatomy and neurophysiology in terms of motor control and assessment and diagnostic significance of lesions in the nervous system for speech-language functions.

SPCH 313:  Introduction to Voice/Fluency    (elective course)
3 Hours Credit 
0-3-3.  Preq.  SPCH 301, 302 or Permission of Instructor.  Introduction to current and historical concepts of the nature and etiology of voice/fluency disorders, methodologies of assessment and treatment of children and adults.

SPCH 325:  Introduction to Communication Research Methods    (elective course)
3 Hours Credit 
0-3-3.  A study of the goals and methods of research with emphasis on understanding the nature and structure of communication.

SPCH 411:  Diagnostic Procedures
3 Hours Credit
0-3-3.  Preq.,  Grade of "C" in SPCH 205, 210, 222, 301, 302, 413, 418, 470 and Permission of Department Head. Principles and procedures for diagnosis of speech and language disorders.  Administration and interpretation of standardized tests; clinical use of nonstandardized strategies.

SPCH 413:  Articulation
3 Hours Credit
0-3-3.  A study of the nature, etiology, and retraining procedures related to defective articulation with emphasis on current research.

SPCH 418:  Language Disorders in Children
3 Hours Credit
0-3-3.  Preq.  470.  A beginning course in the study of language disorders in children with emphasis on evaluation and treatment procedures.

SPCH 421:  Audiologic Observation    (elective course)
2 Hours Credit (elective course)
2-0-2.  Preq. SPCH 205.  This course is designed to provide the student with a "hands-on" experience under the supervision of a certified audiologist.

SPCH 422:  Special Topics in Audiology
3 Hours Credit
0-3-3.  Preq. SPCH 205, 305, or consent of instructor.  Selected topics in Audiology including amplification, industrial audiology, cochlear implants, aural rehabilitation, educational audiology, pediatric and geriatric considerations, and auditory processing disorders.

SPCH 426:  Counseling and Communicatively Impaired    (elective course)
3 Hours Credit 
0-3-3.  Preq. SPCH 413, 418, 470.  This would be and elective course.  Introduction to the counseling process and application to individuals who present with a variety of communicative disorders and to the families of these individuals.

SPCH 429:  Supervised Observation
1 Hour Credit
3-0-1.  This course is designed to provide students with a supervised observation of diagnostic and therapy sessions with clients who present speech, language and/or hearing disorders.

SPCH 438:  Professional Settings in Speech-Language Pathology
3 Hours Credit
0-3-3.  A study of various job types, including discussions and applications of materials/methods, in the Speech Pathology profession.

SPCH 447:  Hearing Loss in Children and Adults
3 Hours Credit
0-3-3.  Preq. SPCH 205 and Permission of Department Head. Disorder of the auditory system and their impact on communication in children and adults.

SPCH 465:  Applied Practicum    (honors practicum)
2 Hours Credit 
6-0-2 (6).  Practical experience in clinical activities related to service programs.  May be repeated for a maximum of 6 hours credit.  Registration by permission of instructor.

SPCH 470:  Language and Speech Development
3 Hours Credit
0-3-3.  Study of the normal acquisition and maintenance of speech and language; theoretical formulations about speech and language behavior, an approaches to its study. (G)