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Michael Meltz

Michael MeltzHometown: Pearl River, LA

Major: Graphic design

Expected Graduation: Spring 2016

Why did you choose Louisiana Tech?

I chose Louisiana Tech partly because two of my older siblings graduated from here, I really liked how close everything was, and the family atmosphere on the campus. I knew that it was a school on the quarter system and that helps me a lot because it typically means the classes are fast paced. That held more appeal than being on a semester system since I get bored easily. Despite that aspect, there have been challenges in managing time and getting things done on time. All of these make it a very interesting experience academically. Socially on the other hand, it has been really fun meeting new people, getting see what they're interested in, and watching them pursue it.

What has been the highlight of your Tech experience?

That is one of those questions I never have one answer to, so for me it is everything about college; from the social awkwardness of freshman year to the uncertainty of entering senior year. I have the most friends here than I ever had, they are the most diverse in interests and majors. I've greatly enjoyed getting to know those in the School of Design, seeing the different design styles and interests therein. With that, the classes I enjoy most are the Drawing series and Web and App track classes. Here I learned that I love designing for games and like building App designs.

What advice would you give incoming students?

The biggest thing that helped me was to get plugged into an organization, whether that be an on-campus ministry, fraternity, etc. find a place to plug-in because that will help you connect with people and grow. The friends you make will be a great source of encouragement, insight, and guidance. I would also say to strive for a balance of social, extra-curricular and academic time. This is a time, potentially, when you will make the most friends and have the most time to do so. We aren't made to be reclusive and only study, make friends and connect with people.