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Laura E. Ighade


GTM 270

MA American Studies, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands
BA University of Utrecht, the Netherlands

Research Interests:
Race and ethnicity in the United States (past, present, and future).

Reading (Faulkner, Melville, Chinua Achebe, Willem Frederick Hermans, Multatuli, Zadie Smith); traveling (Nigeria, Europe); listening to music (Morgan Heritage, Fela); playing music (piano, guitar); watching soccer (Dutch & Nigerian national teams - Vitesse, Arsenal).

"Maybe nothing ever happens once and is finished. Maybe happen is never once but like ripples maybe on water after the pebble sinks, the ripples moving on, spreading, the pool attached by a narrow umbilical water-cord to the next pool..." -- Quentin Compson in Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom!

"Als ik zou willen dat je het begreep, legde ik hetwel beter uit." (If I wanted you to understand it, then I would have explained it better) -- Johan Cruijff, legendary Dutch soccer player, coach, and commentator.