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Graduate Objectives

The mission of the Department of English is to offer a superior education in the areas of literary studies, composition, and technical writing. Recognizing that original research and effective teaching are complementary, the Department of English promotes the advancement of knowledge in those stated disciplines through the dissemination of peer-reviewed publications and scholarly presentations. Finally, the Department seeks to provide public assistance and programming through civic involvement, when necessary, in keeping with the expertise of its faculty and students.

Graduate Objectives

Graduate Studies in English Handbook and Forms 

The graduate program is designed to prepare students for a variety of professions, including teaching, publishing, editing, journalism, and technical writing. Graduate students will often continue on to doctoral programs in English or Comparative Literature; they may also enter law or other professional schools.

The objectives of the graduate program are to:

The Department of English offers the following graduate options:
Requirements for the Master of Arts in English are found in the University catalog.