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Requirements to Enroll

Students must have a Bachelor's degree to enroll in the program. Degrees may be in fields other than English. Unconditional admission to the Graduate School as an unclassified graduate student in the non-degree admission category requires a 2.5 GPA on all work attempted or a 2.75 on the last 60 hours of undergraduate work. After admittance, a student must maintain a 3.0 GPA to remain in Graduate School.

If an applicant does not have a prior course or any academic or workplace experience in the basics of technical writing (writing letters, memos, proposals, and reports), taking English 303: Technical Writing may be a condition of admittance. This course is not required; an applicant's background will be evaluated to determine if this course is needed.

Students need to apply at least four weeks before the quarter when they wish to begin the program to allow time for processing.

Additionally, to complete this program, students will need access to basic computer equipment and basic computer skills, such as the ability to access a web page, send and receive email, send email attachments, download files, and create files in MSWord.


Contacting the Graduate School

The Graduate School may be contacted at http://www.latech.edu/graduate_school

Online admission information is available at http://www.latech.edu/globalcampus/applicationprocedure.shtml

Online registration information is available at http://www.latech.edu/globalcampus/registration.shtml


Tuition varies depending upon a student's state of residence, etc. Students enrolled in completely electronic programs pay in-state tuition, regardless of their physical residences. Specific, up-to-date information regarding tuition, fees, and policies can be found at



Additional Information

Upon successful completion of the coursework in the Graduate Certificate Program, students will receive a Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing and Communication. If a student desires to pursue a graduate degree after completing the Certificate, all coursework successfully completed for the Certificate can be transferred to the M.A. in English; however, based on most plans, not all 15 hours will count toward the 33 hours required for the M.A. On average, 12 certificate hours will count toward the M.A. in English.

Academic success in or successful completion of a Graduate Certificate Program DOES NOT guarantee admission into a Graduate Degree Program.

Students in the M.A. program working concurrently toward a Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing and Communication must apply for the Graduate Certificate when they graduate. They CANNOT apply for the Graduate Certificate retroactively (that is, after graduation with the M.A.).