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 April 2011

Shakespeare poster

The Fifth Annual Shakespeare Birthday Festival!
Spring into Shakespeare!
The Shakespeare Garden
(aka GTM Courtyard)
8:30 am till 2:30 pm

8:30 Greetings Ed Jacobs & Don Kaczvinsky
9:00 John Dowland's Lute Songs Sean Teets & Cain Budds
9:30 Scene from Macbeth Paul Crook & Theatre Majors
10:00 The Battling Bard  
Mark Guinn & Combatants
10:30 Shakespeare ¿Por Qué? Paul Nelson & Spanish Majors
11:00 Bard in Space David Merchant
11:30 Shakespeare, Bon Ami!
Dollian Hurtig & French Students
12:00 Renaissance Music Michael Reid & Conner Kelley
12:30 As You Like It Puppet Show Marcy Culpepper & Celia Lewis &
Christine Strebeck
1:00 "Venus and Adonis":
Spring of Love
Ernest Rufleth
1:30 Shakespeare's Strong Women Celia Lewis & Stacy Trammell
& Amanda Tatum
2:00 Shakespeare in Season Dorothy Dodge Robbins
2:30 Farewells Andrew Massie & Sigma 
Tau Delta Officers

Between featured events, Shakespeare’s sonnet sequence (1-154) will be read by volunteers. 

Shakespeare's Birthday Festival is sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts, the Department of English, and Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honor Society.

Contact Dr. Dorothy Dodge Robbins for more info
drobbins@latech.edu  318-257-5488

Gallery of Shakespeare's Birthday

ULM/Tech Conference
April 14, 2011

March 24, 2011
Guest Novelist
at Tech



The Department of English will be sponsoring a reading and discussion with author John Corey Whaley in Adams Parlor on Thursday, March 24th at 7pm. Corey is a graduate of Louisiana Tech with a BA in English, 2006, and an MA in Teaching (English), 2009. He currently teaches Gifted 8th Grade English at Youree Drive Middle School.

He will be reading from his debut novel Where Things Come Back (Simon and Schuster), which, under the title Good God Bird, was a semi-finalist in Amazon.com's Breakthrough Novel Awards in 2008. He began his novel in 2005, while still a student at Tech, after hearing a story on NPR about the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker's possible reappearance in Brinkley, Arkansas.

Admission is free and open to the public. Everybody is invited to attend.

Christmas Stories from Louisiana Dr. Roach. On My Way. Dorothy Robbins. Mrs. Dalloway Rick Simmons. Carolina Beach Music.
Susan Roach.  On My Way: The Arts of Sarah Albritton.  Dorothy Dodge Robbins, ed. 
Critical Insights: Mrs Dalloway.
James Rick Simmons, Jr.
Carolina Beach Music.
Lawrence Durrell's Major Novels The Coming of the King James Gospels Christmas on the Great Plains Sim Shattuck. Basilisk.
Donald P. Kaczvinsky. Lawrence Durrell's Major Novels, or The Kingdom of the Imagination.

Ward Allen and Edward C. Jacobs. The Coming of the King James Gospels Dorothy Dodge Robbins
and Kenneth Robbins, eds.
Christmas on the Great Plains.
Sim Shattuck. Basilisk.
Christmas Stories from Ohio Sim Shattuck. Pleasant Hurricanes. On Being Foreign Short Flights
Dorothy Dodge Robbins and Kenneth Robbins, eds. Christmas Stories from Ohio. Sim Shattuck. Pleasant Hurricanes. Tom J. Lewis and Robert E.
Jungman. On Being Foreign:
Culture Shock in Short Fiction,
An International Anthology.

Factory Lives Penumbra: Shadows, Places, and People Defending South Carolina's Coast Percyscapes
James Rick Simmons, Jr., ed. Factory Lives (Nineteenth-Century British Autobiographies.

Patrick Posey Garrett, et al. Penumbra: Shadows, Places, and People. James Rick Simmons, Jr.
Defending South Carolina's Coast.
Robert W. Rudnicki. Percyscapes:
The Fugue State in Twentieth-
Century Southern Fiction.
Sim Shattuck. Yarilo's Dance Hidden History of the Grand Strand Crewe of Hecate Christmas Stories from Georgia
Sim Shattuck. Yarilo's Dance. James Rick Simmons, Jr. Hidden History of the Grand Strand. Sim Shattuck. Krewe of Hecate. Dorothy Dodge Robbins and
Kenneth Robbins, eds.
Christmas Stories from Georgia.


October 1, 2010
Banned Book Week


Banned Book Week 

Banned Books Reading
The motto for Banned Books Week 2010 is "Think for yourself and let others do the same." Sigma Tau Delta is sponsoring a banned book event on the steps of the library on Friday, October 1, to celebrate our basic human right to read anything we choose. Between noon and two p.m., Tech faculty and students will be reading excerpts from their favorite banned books. Banned books will be available. Come to read or to listen! Bring a favorite banned book!

2010-2011 Press Releases

August 2011
Genaro Ky Ly Smith, Instructor in the Department of English, published three poems in the Fall 2011 issue of Crab Orchard Review (Southern Illinois University). "Vacation," "The Starving City," and "Providence" center around his Vietnamese grandfather's struggles during the Communist take-over after the Fall of Saigon. This past May, a sixth chapter, "Night: Lessons in Translations" from his novel The Land South of the Clouds, was published in the Spring 2011 issue of the Northridge Review. His 7th chapter entitled "Tuesday: Kill the Children" is forthcoming in the The Asian American Literary Review due this fall quarter.

August 2011
Emily HowardCongratulations to Emily Howell, who was recently selected as the Louisiana Teacher of the Year—High School Division! She received a B.S. in Secondary Education (English concentration) and a Master of Arts in English (2009) from Louisiana Tech.




August 2011
Kaczvinsky Named New Dean of College of Liberal Arts

Posted on August 1, 2011 by Dave Guerin

Dr. Donald Kaczvinsky, director of Louisiana Tech's School of Literature and Language, has been named the new dean of the university's College of Liberal Arts. 

Dr. Donald KaczvinskyKaczvinsky, who joined the Louisiana Tech faculty in 1990, will officially assume the College's leadership role on September 1, pending approval by the University of Louisiana System's Board of Supervisors. He will be replacing Dr. Edward Jacobs, who is retiring after serving 14 years as dean. 

"I am greatly honored to be appointed Dean of the College of Liberal Arts," said Kaczvinsky. "I have worked in the college for over twenty years, first as a professor of English, then Honors Director, and more recently as Director for the School of Literature and Language. Throughout my career, I have always received tremendous support from the talented and dedicated faculty, staff, and administration. Now I have the opportunity to give something back to the university and the community." 

"The College of Liberal Arts is an exciting place to be as we move toward Tech 2020, and my goal is to enhance the educational and research opportunities in Liberal Arts and to give our students a competitive edge in an increasingly global economy." 

Louisiana Tech President Dan Reneau says he looks forward to working with Kaczvinsky as he leads the College of liberal Arts. "The College of Liberal Arts touches every student that attends Louisiana Tech," said Reneau. "Dr. Kaczvinsky in his previous positions has demonstrated his commitment to academic excellence as an administrator and teacher." 

Kaczvinsky's scholarly accomplishments include holding the George E. Pankey Eminent Scholar Chair in English and being named a 2007 Louisiana Tech Foundation Professor. His publications include two books, chapters in several other books, and numerous articles published in national and international journals. 

Dr. Ken Rea, vice president for academic affairs at Louisiana Tech, said he has worked closely with Kaczvinsky over the past several years and feels he will effectively lead the most diversified College in the university. "I know that Don will continue the tradition of excellent leadership that exists in the College of Liberal Arts," said Rea.

Kaczvinsky earned a Ph.D. in English from Penn State University in 1989, a master's degree in English from the University of Virginia in 1984, and a bachelor's degree in English from Providence College in 1982.

August 2011
Dr. Celia Lewis, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Composition, has published an essay, "Acceptable Lessons, Radical Truths: Melusine as Literature for Medieval Youth" in volume 39 of the annual MLA journal Children's Literature. Lewis's cross disciplinary study engages the work of medieval scholars, children's literature specialists, and feminist theory.

July 2011
Dr. Dolliann Margaret Hurtig, Associate Professor of French, recently represented Louisiana Tech University at the American Association of Teachers of French Congress in four divisions at the International Congress held from July 6th-10th in Montréal, Canada. Dr. Hurtig co-presented at the conference with Joyce Beckwith (MA Harvard) in a Commission Session entitled "Allons au cinéma: Promoting French through Film." Dr. Hurtig serves in an ongoing position on the national level as the Co-Chair of the Commission of the Promotion of French in the United States and on the state level as an official Louisiana delegate to the International Convention at the Delegate Assembly.

May 2010
Congratulations to the newly inducted members of P  D  F (Pi Delta Phi), the national French honor society:

Two Louisiana Tech students have been honored who have attained a Certificate of Merit:

Officiating at the ceremony was Zachary Poe, President of the Iota Sigma Chapter, and Sawsan Al-Aghav, Vice-President.  Dr. Dolliann Margaret Hurtig serves as Chapter Moderator.

Ms Anita Greenwood, a French teacher at Ruston High,School, spoke at the ceremony on the role of languages in a global society.

May 2011
Celia Lewis, Charlyne Smith Wyche Endowed Professor of English, presented an invited paper titled "Teaching Women Writing and Written in Medieval Literature" at the 46th International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, Michigan on May 14.

May 2010
Congratulations to the newly inducted members of the Alpha Omega Chapter of S  D  P (Sigma Delta Pi), the Spanish national honor society:

May 2011
Dr. Robert Rudnicki , Associate Professor and Coordinator of Graduate Studies in English, has published an essay "Turtles All the Way Down: Foundation, Edifice and Ruin in Faulkner and McCarthy," in the spring issue of the Faulkner Journal, a scholarly journal dedicated to the study of Faulkner's life, work and literary influence.

Rudnicki's essay was timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy and reflects upon how historical ruins, even modern ones such as the destruction of the World Trade Towers, are both mourned as well as forecast by a variety of American writers.

April 20, 2011
Congratulations to the winners of the So You Think You Can Write Writing Contest . The following students are the winners:

February 26, 2011
Dolliann Margaret Hurtig, Associate Professor of French, has presented at the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (NECTFL) in Baltimore, Maryland. The NECTFL Conference, held from April 1-4 , is the second largest Foreign Language Conference in the country, second only to ACTFL.

Dr. Hurtig, as Co-chair of the American Association of Teachers of French Commission on the Promotion of French in the US, presented in a session of one hour and fifteen minutes in the target language of French on the film entitled "Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis." The film by Dany Boon is the second largest box office film ever to be produced, surpassing that of Titanic, and rivaled only by Avatar.

Included in her presentation, Dr. Hurtig produced an original booklet on the film that included activities, web quests, and assessments that could be used by professors and teachers for National French Week or for the Semaine de la Francophonie (National Francophone Week).

February 26, 2011

Dr. Donald P. Kaczvinsky, Director of the School of Literature and Language, presented a paper entitled "Swift, Eliot, and the Poetics of Death in Last Orders" at the 39th annual Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture since 1900 held at the University of Louisville on February 26th. Dr. Kaczvinsky was also recently appointed book review editor for Deus Loci: The Lawrence Durrell Journal, an international journal for the study of the author Lawrence Durrell. Dr. Kaczvinsky is currently the George E. Pankey Eminent Scholar in English.

January 2011
Dorothy Dodge Robbins, Associate Professor of English and Charlotte Lewis Endowed Professor of English, presented a paper entitled "Imperial Names for Practical Cats: Establishing a Distinctly British Pride in T. S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats" at the 2011 American Name Society Conference held January 6-9 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In her paper Dr. Robbins critiques Eliot's own onomastic categories (the familial, the particular, and the secretive) and finds them inadequate to fully explain his choices. She suggests that Eliot's naming process was influenced by and reflected his acquired British tastes. Biographical, biblical, and literary sources-in particular British nonsense poets-are examined as inspirations for the 54 proper names, nicknames, and breed names mentioned in the volume.

December 2010
Dr. Dolliann Margaret Hurtig, Associate Professor of French, published an article entitled "On Stage in Dupeyron's Film Adaptation of Monsieur Ibrahim: The Problem with Labels: Arab, Jew, and Prostitute," in the most recent National Bulletin for the American Association of Teachers of French. In the article Dr. Hurtig observes how the film raises the consciousness of students about the uneasiness associated with stereotyping. The article developed from a paper delivered at the 2010 National Conference of the American Association of Teachers of French held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Christmas Stories from Ohio documents this heritage in fiction and memoir and celebrates the many moods of yuletide in the Buckeye State. With selections from some of Ohio's most highly regarded classic and contemporary authors, including Kay Boyle, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Nikki Giovanni, Langston Hughes, and James Thurber, these tales span the generations, offering readers unique geographical, historical, and cultural perspectives on winter holiday traditions. Dorothy Dodge Robbins and Kenneth Robbins have compiled the perfect Christmas gift. 

The honor was announced by USA BookNews.com, the premier online magazine and review website for mainstream and independent publishing houses. Read the article on the award in the Tech Talk here.

October 22, 2010
Dr. Donald P. Kaczvinsky, the George E. Pankey Eminent Scholar in English and Director of the School of Literature and Language, was the featured guest for the show From the Vault on Pacifica Radio. Chronicling the political, cultural and artistic movements of the second half of the 20th century, Pacifica radio programs include documentaries, performances, discussions, debates, drama, poetry readings, commentaries and radio arts.The radio show featured selections from a 1976 marathon reading of The Alexandria Quartet by novelist Lawrence Durrell. Produced for KPFK Los Angeles by Jay Kugelman, this broadcast of The Alexandria Quartet began on Christmas Day in 1976 and used eighty talented readers, including the likes of Peter Finch, Julie Christie, Samantha Eggar, Cloris Leachman, Roscoe Lee Browne, Sada Thompson, Brock Peters, and Will Geer. Pacifica Radio airs on stations in New York City, Los Angeles, Berkeley, Houston, Madison (Wisconsin) and Olympia (Washington).  Play program new window.

October 2010
Greg Schelonka, Assistant Professor of Spanish, presented at LASA XXIX Conference, LASA 2010: Crisis, Response, and Recovery, held October 6-9 in Toronto, Canada. The conference of the Latin American Studies Association draws over 4,500 international scholars who address Latin America in their work across a number of disciplines, including history, communications, political science, urban studies, economics, literature, and cultural studies, among others. Dr. Schelonka argued in his paper, "The Revolution by Other Means: Beyond the Novela Negra," that studies of detective fiction need to be expanded to see detective fiction as part of the larger trend of crime fiction, using examples from Mexican, Nicaraguan, and Brazilian works.

October 2010
Congratulations to Dorothy Robbins and Susan Roach, who have been approved as the most recent recipients of the Louisiana BOR Endowed Professorships in English.

Dr. Robbins received the Charlotte Lewis Professorship and Dr. Roach received the Mildred Saunders Adams Professorship. Both professorships are meant to recognize professors who demonstrate excellence in teaching, scholarship, and leadership in the unit.

Congratulations to both on this well-deserved honor!

October 2010
Dr. Kim Vanderlaan, assistant professor of English, had her article, "Empire and Allegory in Henry James's The Europeans" published by Cambridge Journals. The article is out this month in Journal of American Studies. Dr. Vanderlaan makes use of historical research, biographical data drawn from sources such as James's statements in his own letters to friends, in conjunction with a close reading of the text itself, to support the thesis that the novel can be read as James's political allegory denouncing nineteenth century colonialism.

September 2010
Dr. Dorothy Dodge Robbins, associate professor of English, recently published an essay on Virginia Woolf's classic feminist treatise A Room of One's Own (1929) in the September 2010 issue of Names, a Journal of Onomastics, one of the world's leading journals in the study of names. In "Naming Shakespeare's Sister: Why Woolf Chose Judith," Robbins examines historical, biblical, and literary sources to establish the aptness of Woolf's onomastic decision.


Spring 2011
Sigma Delta Pi Initiation 2011. The Sigma Delta Pi Spanish honor society held its initiation during the spring quarter.

April 21, 2011
Shakespeare's Birthday 2011. The College of Liberal Arts, the Department of English, and Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honor Society, hosted a celebration of Shakespeare's Birthday on April 21, 2011. The party took place in the Shakespeare Garden in the GTM courtyard and in the GTM foyer.

June 2010 
Tech-London 2010. Fourteen students participated in the 2010 TECHLondon Summer Study Abroad Program. They were accompanied by Dr. Ken Robbins (School of Performing Arts) and Dr. Celia Lewis (Department of English).

April 23, 2010
Shakespeare's Birthday 2010. The Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society hosted a celebration of Shakespeare's Birthday on April 23, 2009. The party took place in the Shakespeare Garden in the GTM courtyard and in the GTM foyer.

September 30, 2009
Tailgating 2009. Faculty members from the School of Literature and Language assist in the tailgating for the College of Liberal Arts. The game against Hawaii was featured on ESPN2.

June 2009
Tech-London 2009. The English and Theater Departments sponsor the annual study in England.

April 23, 2009
Shakespeare's Birthday 2009. The Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society hosted a celebration of Shakespeare's Birthday on April 23, 2009. The party took place in the Shakespeare Garden in the GTM courtyard.

April 22, 2009
Earth Day 2009. Faculty and students recited poetry in honor of Earth Day on April 22, 2009.

October 30, 2008
The First Poe Party. The Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society hosted a Poe Party in the Shakespeare Garden in the GTM courtyard. Dr. John Martin channeled the great Edgar Allen Poe, and students presented additional poetry readings.

April 23, 2008
Shakespeare's Birthday 2008. Sigma Tau Delta dedicated a bust of Shakespeare in the Shakespeare Garden in the courtyard of GTM and held other events throughout the day.

April 11, 2008
10th Annual ULM/Tech Graduate Conference. The English Departments at ULM and Louisiana Tech University held their tenth annual conference for graduate students to present their research. Click here for the schedule of papers and events.

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