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General Studies

Why General Studies?

General Studies is a degree program for undergraduate students interested in a broad-based Liberal Arts education. In addition to the General Studies On-Campus degree, we now offer a General Studies Online degree.

While each BGS major must meet the same general requirements and grade point expectations, the degree plan is somewhat individualized and flexible, taking into account a student's interests, needs, and goals. The Bachelor of General Studies degree requires a minimum of 120 semester hours.

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Please contact the Coordinator of General Studies for more specific details.

For More Information

To find the plan that fits your needs, bring or send an unofficial transcript to the program coordinator. This transcript evaluation is not an immediate process, so please submit your transcript well in advance of when you need to be advised. If you are planning to use transfer hours, you are responsible for bringing course descriptions from the transfer university. The program coordinator appreciates at least two weeks' advance notice of a transcript evaluation. Because the advising period near the end of the quarter is extraordinarily busy, students who wait until that time to seek a transcript evaluation and a major change may not be able to be accommodated until General Registration of the next quarter. Therefore, please contact the coordinator in adequate time.

Students preparing for a master's program are encouraged to contact the graduate school they wish to attend to ensure that appropriate foundation work is included, where possible, in the plan of study leading to the BGS degree.

The preceding information is applicable to the both the On-campus and the Online General Studies degree programs at the main Tech campus.

If you are military personnel interested in the online degree, or if you are interested in attending classes at Tech Barksdale, please contact Mr. Monte Parker (mrparker@latech.edu) or Ms. Glenda Maddox (email glmaddox@latech.edu) or phone 318-456-5008.