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General Studies

Online Thematic Concentration

The heart of the General Studies degree is an Interdisciplinary Thematic Concentration which consists of 24 hours (usually eight three-hour courses) chosen from at least two related disciplines. Students may take no more than a maximum of 18 hours of any particular discipline within the thematic concentration. The remaining six hours may be fulfilled from any other discipline in the chosen concentration. For example, a student might take 18 hours of psychology and 6 hours of sociology. The options for the humanities and social science thematic concentration are as follows:

Humanities: English, Technical Writing, Journalism, History, Speech-Communication, Pre-Professional Speech-Language Pathology, Foreign Languages, and Philosophy

Social Sciences: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, and Geographic Information Systems

In the case of the Business Concentration, courses are specific and allow for exposure to the many disciplines in business. Business concentration students are required to take all of the following classes:

Business: The business concentration requires students to take the following classes:

Economics 201and 202 
(Econ 201 should be taken as part of the general education requirements)
Accounting 201 and 202
Computer Information Systems 110 and 310
Management 310
Marketing 300
Finance 318