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Appeal Process for Course Drop/Resignation After Published Date

Add/Drop after the Registration Period:

The College of Liberal Arts follows the stated University Policy in the current Louisiana Tech Bulletin regarding the registration period. The following information elaborates on specific sections of this stated policy in the Bulletin. To add/drop a class after the registration period but within the 9-day class roll, a student should meet the following criteria:

  • have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • be at least junior-level standing
  • have a letter/memo from the instructor agreeing to add the student late

The student should meet with the instructor prior to adding the class. It is the student’s responsibilityto make up any work missed and the absence policy of the instructor is in force from the scheduled beginning of the class. The instructor is under no obligation to add a student to a class after the designated registration period.

Appeal Process for Drop/Resignation:

The College of Liberal Arts follows the stated University Policy in the current Louisiana Tech University Bulletin regarding those circumstances under which a student can be granted a drop or a resignation after the published deadline for such action without incurring the penalty of an 'F' grade(s). The following information elaborates on specific sections of this stated policy in the Bulletin.


The College requires each student requesting a backdated drop or resignation to provide convincing factual data that explains why the student did not adhere to the guidelines published online on the main B.O.S.S. webpage under the heading "Critical Registration Dates" that establish the quarterly deadlines for completing drops or resignations.

The student must demonstrate through appropriate factual documentation that some event occurred on, or prior to, the final date allowed for dropping without a penalty that prevented the student from getting to campus to complete the procedure. Events involving illness or sickness or accidents requiring medical attention or the death of a family member are possible reasons that might justify backdating a drop or withdrawal.

A memory lapse, car problems, job requirements, childcare demands, spousal difficulties, failure of a friend to complete the procedures for you, being unaware of how and when to request a drop or resignation-these are examples of reasons that will not be considered as acceptable by the College to warrant the approval of a request for a backdated drop or withdrawal.

Moreover, even if a student does have a legitimate reason for why he/she did not drop or withdraw, the College will not consider the student's request if the student does not initiate his/her request for the drop or withdrawal at the earliest opportunity available for doing so after the missed drop/withdrawal date. This earliest opportunity is defined as the student's first date back on the main campus after the published deadline date in the 'Racing Form' for executing the drop or withdrawal.


In special instances, the College will consider backdating a withdrawal. An example of such an instance is the following: a student is passing his/her courses at the withdrawal date, but at some point after this date the student experiences a debilitating illness that prevents him or her from being able to attend class and so reduces the grade average to an 'F'. Under such circumstances, providing that there is adequate documentation of the event from the physician, the student could request a backdated withdrawal. However, even in this special instance, the student would not have the opportunity to selectively drop some courses and remain active in others. Such a request would imply that the student was able, despite the reported debilitating event, to continue to do the work required by some classes but not by other classes. If that were so, the student should be healthy enough to complete all the classes taken.


For whatever of the above reasons that the student is requesting the backdated drop, he/she must assume the responsibility of providing all of the required documentation to the College, and then he/she must understand that the College will have to verify the documentation. The College of Liberal Arts is subject to state audits of all of its records and it is the intention of the College to take all reasonable measures to remain in compliance with all University and Board of Supervisors and Board of Regents policies.