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Band of Pride

Symphonic Band

Visit the Band Website at band.latech.edu.

For more information, contact Director Jim Robken.

Jazz Ensemble

The Louisiana Tech Jazz Ensemble is open to all students by audition.  

For more information, contact Director Lawrence Gibbs.


Opera Workshop


Classes are available to guitar majors and minors and to other music majorsand minors, provided they pass an audition showing they possess the required skills, such as prior experience on the classical guitar or other guitar styles and the ability to read notes on the treble clef.

Students enrolled in guitar ensemble perform repertoire written or arranged for small groups, such as guitar duos, trios, and/or quartets.  Juniors and seniors may perform repertoire written or arranged for guitar and other instruments (flute, violin, etc.) and/or repertoire written or arranged for large guitar ensemble.

The Guitar Ensemble offers students the opportunity to explore the repertoire for multiple guitars.  The ensembles receive weekly rehearsal and coaching sessions and present a formal campus concert every quarter.  Participation is by audition and is open to all Louisiana Tech University students.

For more detailed information, please contact Dr. Cain Budds or visit his guitar studio, Howard Center, 329.

High Brass

Low Brass

The Low Brass Ensemble was founded in the Fall of 2001 and is open to any student interested in playing trombone, euphonium or tuba in an ensemble setting.

The group performs arrangements, original compositions, and the standard repertoire for the tuba/euphonium and trombone ensembles.

The ensemble performs several times during the school year at departmental and university functions, local Ruston area events, as well as presenting its annual Octubafest recital.  In addition to performing, student members have the opportunity to write arrangements, original compositions, and rehearse and conduct pieces on the concerts.

For more information, contact Dr. Joe L. Alexander.


Music Education