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Degrees Offered

The Department of Music offers a Bachelor of Arts in Music with four concentrations: 1.) Performance Concentration, 2.) Music Education with Instrumental and Vocal Concentrations, 3.) Composition Concentration, 4.) Liberal Arts Concentration. Each concentration contains a basic core of music theory, music history, keyboard, ensemble, and applied study. Students receive one-hour lessons every week on their primary instrument or voice. Click on the concentration listed below for a complete curriculum.

Performance Concentration

The Performance Concentration is designed for those particularly interested in the performing and pedagogical aspects of their area of study: percussion, guitar, voice, keyboard, woodwinds, brass, or strings. Students completing the Performance Concentration often continue their studies at the graduate level.

Music Education - Vocal Concentration and Instrumental Concentration

The Education Concentrations are designed for those planning to teach music in the public schools. Upon completion of the degree, the graduate will be eligible for K-12 certification by the Louisiana Department of Education to teach vocal and/or instrumental music in the public schools.

Liberal Arts Concentration

The Liberal Arts Concentration is designed for those desiring a liberal arts education with a concentration in music. Students who complete this degree plan build a solid foundation for a variety of careers in music. In addition students have the option to  continue their studies at the graduate level.

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