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David M. Anderson

Dr. David M. Anderson
William Y. Thompson Endowed Professor
Associate Professor

Courses taught:

HIST 201 History of the United States, 1492-1877 (introductory survey course)
HIST 202 History of the United States, 1877-present (introductory survey course)
HIST 451 History of the New South (upper-level undergraduate course)
HIST 465 Early Twentieth Century American History (Progressive Era to the New Deal, upper-level undergraduate course)
HIST 466 Contemporary America (World War II to 1970s) (forthcoming)
HIST 472 History of American Ideas (upper-level undergraduate course)
HIST 474 American Frontier (History of the American West, 1800-present, (upper-level undergraduate course)
HIST 490 Music in American History (upper-level undergraduate course)
HIST 490 Sports in American History (upper-level undergraduate course)
HIST 490 Technology in American History (upper-level undergraduate course)
HIST 495 U.S. Presidential Elections, 1948-2012 (upper-level and Honors Course)
HIST 495 Darrow for the Defense (Social History of Clarence Darrow’s Most Famous Court Cases, 1890s-1930s) (Honors Course)
HIST 501 Introduction to Historiography (graduate-level course)
HIST 507 Graduate Seminar in U.S. History (graduate-level course)
HIST 595 The Rise of Global Capitalism (graduate-level course)
HIST 595 Teaching of College History (graduate-level on-line course)
HNRS 204: Foundations of American Civilization (introductory honors course)

Research Interests:

American labor and business history; African-American history; popular culture; popular music, country music; American South; Gilded Age, Progressive Era, 1920s, New Deal, Modern America

CV: David M. Anderson

Selected publications (also on CV):

The Hank Williams Reader, co-editor (Oxford University Press, 2014)