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Stephen Webre

Stephen Webre
Professor of History
Garnie W. McGinty Chair in History
Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts

GTMH 104

A member of the Louisiana Tech University faculty since 1982, Stephen Webre received the PhD in history at Tulane University.  He is a specialist in Latin American history, with an emphasis on Central America and the Caribbean. Dr. Webre is a former president of the Southwest Historical Association and the Louisiana Historical Association and a corresponding member of the Guatemalan Academy of Geography and History.  Dr. Webre’s publications include José Napoleón Duarte and the Christian Democratic Party in Salvadoran Politics, 1960-1972 (1979), La sociedad colonial en Guatemala: estudios locales y regionales (1989), La época colonial en Guatemala: estudios de historia social y cultural (2014), and numerous articles in specialized academic journals.  He is currently at work on a history of the contest to control the northern frontier of Guatemala in the seventeenth century.

Courses taught:

History 102 : World History Since 1500.  A survey of civilization of the world since 1500.  Major emphasis on Western Civilization.
History 201 : History of the United States, 1492-1877.  A survey of American history from discovery through Reconstruction.
History 202 : History of the United States, 1877 to the Present.  A survey of American history from Reconstruction to the present.
History 440 : History of Latin America to 1824.  A survey of Latin American history from European and Indian backgrounds to 1824.
History 441 : History of Latin America since 1824.  A survey of political, economic, and social developments in Latin America since 1824.
History 442 : History of Mexico.  A survey of the political, economic, and social evolution of the Mexican nation from its Indian origins to the present.
History 444 : History of Central America and the Caribbean. The history of Central America and the islands of the Caribbean from 1492 to the present, with emphasis on the historical roots of contemporary problems.
History 505 : Introduction to Historical Research and Writing.  Lectures, readings, discussion, and practical exercises on the sources and methods of professional historical scholarship, with students producing papers based on original research.
History 543 : Seminar in Latin American History.  Lectures, reading and research on selected topic in Latin American history.

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