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Undergraduate in History

Undergraduate Study

Requirements for a Major:

Thirty semester hours in history constitute a major in the Department of History. Every history major must have a minor, normally twenty-one hours in a related field, chosen after consultation with the department head and, if necessary, the head of the department in which the student wishes to minor. Each history major will consult with his or her advisor during each registration period and throughout the term as the need arises. This program leads to the Degree of Bachelor of Arts.

Freshman Year
(Total hours for Freshman year: 30)

Sophomore Year
(Total hours for Sophomore year: 33)

Junior Year
(Total hours for Junior year: 30)

Senior Year
(Total hours for Senior year: 30)

Total Semester Hours: 120 (beginning Winter Quarter, 2010-2011)

*Twelve (12)-hour foreign language requirement must be in the same foreign language.


Requirements for a Minor in History:
History 101, 102, 201, and 202, plus nine hours of advanced history (300- or 400-level, usually taken during the junior and senior years) constitute a minor in history. All courses applied toward the minor must be completed with the grade of "C" or higher.

Requirements for an Interdisciplinary Minor in Public History:
The minor in Public History provides an interdisciplinary education in history, in the history of art, culture, and the built environment, and in methods to effectively communicate that history. Course offerings cover content, theory, method, and techniques of research, documentation, and preservation of the past. This minor is well-suited for students who wish to enrich their personal background in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. In particular, this minor is designed for students who wish to prepare for careers or post-graduate study in arts and culture administration, museum studies, historical preservation, and archives and records management.

The minor consists of 21 hours, 12 hours of required coursework, including an internship, and 9 hours of electives chosen in consultation with the Public History advisor.

Required courses (12 hours) include:


Course numbers with an “*” indicate the course has a prerequisite; student is responsible for ensuring they have met the necessary prerequisite”

Hours counted toward a student’s major may not be counted toward the Minor in Public History.

Activities and Features

The Department of History sponsors a chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the international history honor society. Membership requires an overall grade point average of 2.75 and a grade point average of 3.01 in history courses. This chapter is very active and has repeatedly won prizes in national competition.

The Garnie W. McGinty Chair of History, endowed in 1977 by Dr. G. W. McGinty, former head of the History Department, is occupied by an outstanding member of Louisiana Tech's history faculty. Through the McGinty Trust Fund, the department publishes significant historical works by outstanding scholars. It also sponsors visits by guest speakers of national and international reputation.

For those students wishing to pursue work beyond the undergraduate degree, the History Department offers a fine opportunity for graduate study through its Master of Arts degree. There are two programs at the master's level: the non-thesis plan is appropriate for those students who consider the M.A. as the terminal degree. The thesis plan is more suited to those who will continue graduate work beyond the M.A.

The History Department prides itself on the close relationship between its faculty and students. Faculty members consider their primary function to be to instruct and assist history students in the best possible manner.

The History Department awards both undergraduate and graduate scholarships to outstanding history majors on a competitive basis.