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GIS Courses

GIS Courses

224: GPS in Natural Resource Management. 4-1-2. 
Preq., GISC 250. 
Introduction to global positioning systems (GPS).

250: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS). 3-2-3. 
An introduction to GIS focusing on geographic concepts, data analysis, and understanding GIS software.

260: Remote Sensing of Natural Resources. 3-2-3. 
Principles, methods, and applications of remote sensing relevant to forestry, wildlife, and other natural resources management fields.

341: Computer Cartography. 3-2-3. 
Preq., GISC 250. 
Elements of map interpretation and construction: creation, manipulation, and analysis of spatially defined data. Also listed as GEOG 341.

350: Intermediate Geographic Information Systems (GIS). 3-2-3. 
Preq., GISC 250, 260. 
Intermediate geographic information systems technology focusing on theoretical, technical, and applied aspects of analytical GIS.

360: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Spatial Statistics. 0-2-2. 
Preq., GISC 250. 
The course provides an introduction to spatial statistical methods used in GIS analysis of spatial data.

371: Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Analysis. 3-2-3. 
Preq., GISC 350. 
Advanced techniques in geographic information systems, integrated with intermediate level spatial analysis. Also listed as GEOG 371.

420: Problems in Geographic Information Science. 1-3 semester hours credit (6). 
Special problems in GIS, spatial data, remote sensing and other areas of Geographic Information Science.

460: Computer Programming for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) I. 3-2-3. 
Preq., GISC 371. 
Visual basic programming skills to support GIS and database applications.

461: Computer Programming for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) II. 3-2-3. 
Preq., GISC 460. 
A continuation of GISC 460. Programming GIS using a modern programming language.

462: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Spatial Database Applications I. 3-2-3. 
Preq., GISC 371. 
Expansion on GIS theory, database design, development, management, and analysis.

463: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Spatial Database Applications II. 3-2-3. 
Preq., GISC 462. 
A continuation of GISC 462.

464: GIS Application Project. 12-0-4. 
Preq., GISC 461, 463. 
Students must solve a problem using spatial data and the analysis capabilities of GIS.