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About Social Sciences

Social Sciences is home to Geography, Geographic Information Science, Political Science, Political Science with a Pre-Law Concentration, Sociology, and The Waggonner Center. Our disciplines study a wide range of individual, institutional, and social behavior, and provide a means of gaining intellectual approaches that will be rewarding for a lifetime as well as a degree that will lead to many exciting career options.

Mission Statement

Consistent with the missions of Louisiana Tech University and the College of Liberal Arts, the School of History and Social Sciences maintains a faculty composed of professionals who understand and value the interrelated goals of instruction, research, and community service. In the tradition of liberal arts education, our school is student-centered and is committed to teaching and advising. To this end, our goals include:

All students will develop and broaden their skills in critical, creative, and ethical thinking, communication, technology, and research. For more information follow the links to the specific program in which you are interested.