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Political Science Courses (all courses are 0-3-3 unless otherwise noted)

201: National Government in the United States. 
A study of the development of the national government with emphasis on problems connected with the federal system and separation of powers. Statewide Transfer Agreement Course*.

220: Legislation in the United States: Federal and State. 
Preq., POLS 201. 
A study of the legislative process and of the influences that determine the nature of the legislative product.

230: The American Presidency. 
Preq., POLS 201. 
A study of the American Presidency including its origins, roles, functions, and problems.

302: Comparative Foreign Governments. 
Preq., POLS 201 or consent of instructor. 
A study of the political systems and governments of the major European nation-states of the twentieth century. (IER)

303: State Government and Administration in the United States 
Preq., POLS 201. 
A study of the role of the state in the American Union including nation-state and interstate relations. Statewide Transfer Agreement Course*.

310: Government and the Economy. 
Preq., POLS 201. 
Political/economic issues (employment, inflation, poverty, energy, environment, health care, etc.) are studied according to competing theories of political economy.

322: Political Parties in the United States. 
Preq., POLS 201. 
A study of American political parties, including historical origins, their broad role in the political system, and their current place in American politics.

325: History of European Political Theory. 
Preq., POLS 201, and junior class standing, or consent of instructor. 
A study of Western political philosophy from its beginnings to the nineteenth century. (IER)

327: Modern Political Theory and Ideologies. 
Preq., POLS 201. 
A study of nineteenth and twentieth century political theory with emphasis on the principal modern ideologies (Anarchism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Democracy). (IER)

340: Race, Class, and Gender in American Politics. 
Preq., POLS 201. 
An examination of three crucial political variables (race, class, gender), including their theoretical and historical impact and their combined relevance in contemporary American politics.

345: Scope and Methods in Social Sciences. 
Preq., POLS 201. 
An introduction to basic statistics, computer and data analysis, research design, and the application of the qualitative and quantitative methods to the social sciences.

350: International Relations. 
Preq., POLS 201. 
An introductory study of political contacts between modern nation-states, the origin of nationalism and imperialism, and the causes and effects of power politics. (IER)

355: American Foreign Policy. 
Preq., POLS 201. 
America’s foreign policy doctrines and the factors involved in their formulation, including constitutional framework, presidential and congressional leadership, pressure groups, public opinion, and international environment. (IER)

420: Contemporary Problems in Government. 
Preq., One of the following courses: POLS 201, or 303, and junior standing.

426: American Constitutional Law I. 
Preq., POLS 201. 
Introduction to judicial institutions and processes as well as a case method study of the constitutional issues of judicial review, federalism, government economic regulation, and others.

427: American Constitutional Law II. 
Preq., POLS 201. 
A continuation of the case method study of constitutional law, with emphasis on political and civil rights (speech, press, assembly, religion, race, criminal procedure, etc.).

460: Politics of Developing Nations. 
Preq., POLS 201. 
An analysis of the relationship of politics to rapid economic and social change in developing nations and evaluation of policies intended to promote development. (IER)

465: Asian Politics. 
Preq., POLS 201. 
A survey of interrelationships among Asian nations, their relationships with occidental powers, their international roles, and politics of the region as a whole. (IER)

496: Internship in Political Non-Profit Organization. 3-12 hours credit. 
Preq., approval of Department Head. 
Supervised internship in a non-profit organization engaged in political research or activities.