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Political Science Curriculum

Curriculum for the Political Science Major (BA)

Taken directly from the LA Tech Course Catelogue 
See bottom of the page for details on minoring in Political Science.


Freshman Year Credits
  English (GER) 6
  Humanities (GER) 
English 210 or 211
  History 101, 102 6
  Speech 110 3
  Mathematics (GER) 
Mathematics 100 or 101
  Statistics 200 or Mathematics 125 3
  Social/Behavioral Sciences (GER) 
  Natural Sciences (GER) 3
  History 201 3
Sophomore Year  
  Fine Arts (GER) 3
  Elective 3
  English 212 3
  Foreign Language 6
  History 202 3
  Natural Sciences (GER) 3
  Political Science 201, 302 (IER) 6
  Political Science Elective 3
Junior Year  
  Natural Sciences (GER) 3
  Social/Behavioral Sciences (GER) 
Economics 215
  Sociology 201 3
  Sociology Elective 3
  Foreign Language 6
  Philosophy 3
  Political Science 345 3
  Political Science Electives 6
Senior Year  
  Electives 15
  Political Science Electives 12
Total Semester Hours 120


Requirements for the Pre-Law Concentration in Political Science 
The pre-law concentration within political science is specifically designed to prepare students to succeed in law school. It consists of a political science major and an English or journalism minor, together with selected other required courses, core curriculum courses, and electives. Entering freshmen must have a minimum 22 composite on the ACT. A 2.5 GPA is required to transfer into the program and must be maintained by students in the program. Students are advised that a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher is suggested as the GPA typically necessary for admission to law school. Students wishing to pursue this concentration should follow the political science curriculum outlined above with the following differences:

Requirements for a Minor in Political Science 
A minor in political science consists of 21 hours, of which 9 must be at the 300 or 400 level.