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Sociology Courses (all courses are 0-3-3 unless otherwise noted)

201: Introduction to Sociology. 
The scientific study of the patterns and processes of human social interaction. Statewide Transfer Agreement Course*.

202: Social Problems. 
Selected social problems in contemporary American society. Statewide Transfer Agreement Course*.

205: Introduction to Anthropology. 
Four-field overview of biological, cultural, archaeological and linguistic anthropology, including human evolution and cultural diversity. Statewide Transfer Agreement Course*.

210: Introduction to Criminal Justice. 
A survey of the criminal justice system, its history and organization at the local, state and federal levels.

230: The Social Welfare System in the United States. 
A study of the social welfare system and the effort to prevent or resolve social problems encountered by individuals, groups, families, and communities.

280: Sociology of Religion. 
Preq., SOC 201. 
Examines religious beliefs and practices, their causes and effects, and the relation of religion to other social institutions.

306: Juvenile Delinquency. 
Preq., PSYC 102 or SOC 201 or 202. 
The nature, causes, extent, and methods of treatment of juvenile delinquency.

308: The Family. 
Preq., SOC 201. 
A study of the family as a social institution with comparisons of family life in various societies.

312: Race and Ethnic Relations. 
Preq., SOC 201 or GEOG 205 or 210. 
Factors & conditions which underlie disagreement about fundamental values; their relation to social maladjustment; evaluation of theories; group approaches to reintegration. Also listed as GEOG 312.

313: The Sociology of Deviance. 
Factors and conditions which underlie disagreement about fundamental values; their relation to social maladjustment; evaluation of theories; group approaches to reintegration.

314: Criminology. 
Theories of the origins of crime; analysis of specific types of offenders, prevention, control, and treatment.

320: Research Methods. 
Preq., SOC 201. 
Scientific methods and their application in social analysis; procedures in testing sociological theory; computer and data analysis.

325: Social Network Analysis. 
Preq., SOC 201. 
An introduction to the fundamental concepts, methods, applications, and analytical tools of social network analysis.

330: An Introduction to Social Work. 
An examination of Social Work within the social welfare system. A review of the multiple roles of the social worker in service delivery and practice.

345: Social Stratification. 
Preq., SOC 201. 
Types and results of social inequality; social class, status and power as determinants of behavior, values and life chances.

360: Sociology of Terrorism and Social Movements. 
Preq., SOC 201. 
Examines non-institutional movements for social and political change, conditions for their emergence, recruitment and interaction processes.

370: Environmental Sociology. 
Preq., SOC 201. 
Examines population, food, resources, energy, pollution, urbanization, wilderness, biodiversity and other topics in light of current sociological theories.

380: Gender and Society. 
Preq., SOC 201. 
Examination of the social construction of gender difference and gender inequality, through socialization practices, interactions with others and the influence of major social institutions.

390: Field Practice and Integrative Seminar I. (6-1-3) 
Preq., SOC 330 
Junior or Senior standing and consent of instructor. Field placement in direct social work practice with children and adolescents. Students explore practice interventions regarding problems of children, adolescents and at risk youth.

401: Social Theory. 
Preq., SOC 201. 
Junior standing or consent of instructor. The development of sociological theory and its relation to research.

410: Family Violence. 
Preq., SOC 201. 
A sociological examination of the types, extent, causes, and consequences of violence between family members and intimate partners; policy implication are explored. (G)

420: Treatment of Offenders. 
Preq., SOC 314. 
A study of principles of treatment of offenders; application of social science principles to treatment of offenders; interviewing, guidance, and counseling of offenders.

424: The Sociology of Corrections. 
Trends, issues and problems in the field of corrections.

425: Family Therapy. 
Preq., SOC 201 or FCS 210 or SOC 308. 
A survey of family therapy; the family as a system; theoretical models of modern practice, state laws and policies; code of ethics governing family therapy.

435: Sociology of Aging. 
Preq., SOC 201 or consent of instructor. 
Social and biological problems as a consequence of aging. Current issues, deficiencies and resources available to deal with specific problems.

436: Grieving and Loss. 
An analysis of loss, grief and bereavement. An assessment of services, programs, treatments, stress reduction techniques and communication skills. (G)

444: Substance Abuse. 
Social, cultural and individual problems associated with alcohol and drug use. Family and other group responses. The nature and treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction.

489: Special Topics in Sociology 
Prereq, permission of the instructor. Seminar in an area of current interest in the discipline of sociology, with topic designated by the instructor. May be repeated once with different topic.