Tech alum joins contraCOVID to help educate Latino, immigrant families about COVID-19

Cinthia Rincon
VISTA Scholar and 2019 Louisiana Tech graduate Cinthia Rincon was recently named VP of Graphic Design with contraCOVID, an organization started by students from MIT and Harvard with the purpose of helping and educating Latino and immigrant families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rincon’s illustrations are on the organization’s website and social media platforms. Rincon graduated cum laude with a BFA in Studio Art with Senior Honors distinction; she earned a minor in Pre-Medical Illustration.

“This is right in line with what Cinthia did for her senior honors thesis at Tech —use illustrations to communicate complicated information across language barriers,” said Tech School of Biological Sciences associate professor Dr. Jamie Newman.

“My goal with my art is to create a bridge between two different worlds and show the similarities between the two,” Rincon said on her website. “I believe that with proper communication, we can begin to understand each other and grow.”

Rincon’s work is being used on the web and in social media to educate individuals about health and safety measures related to COVID-19.

The contraCOVID website shares information through Rincon’s illustrations and in four languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Haitian Creole, to benefit the community both in America and abroad.

As a Tech student, Rincon was heavily involved with the VISTA program, which combines the use of science and art to create images and infographics for their clients.

Only three years ago, Digital Painting was the first class created for what was then a new minor in pre-medical illustration, an interdisciplinary minor combining courses in art and biological science to prepare students either for application to graduate school in medical illustration or to allow students to pursue a dual passion for art and science.

The class began with a collaboration between Newman, School of Design chair Nick Bustamante, and biomedical engineering assistant professor Dr. Mary Caldorera-Moore. The program became reality with a generous donation of special art tablets by caring alumni.

During her time at Tech, Rincon was recognized by the School of Design as an “Outstanding Student” and received numerous awards and scholarships.