Tech awards degrees in Fall Commencement

Louisiana Tech University held its fall commencement ceremonies Nov. 20-21, in the Thomas Assembly Center. Graduates were:



   Jaylyn Leshay Woods – Master of Arts-Counseling and Guidance


   Chardonnay Kristenanna Boyd – Bachelor of Science

   Mackenzie Rae Gauthier – Bachelor of Science    

   Ke’asia Renee Green – Bachelor of Science 

   Brianna Leigh Walker – Bachelor of Science


   Krisxan C. Bell – Bachelor of Science     

   Chrystal Dawn Woodard – Master of Science-Engineering and Technology Management


   James Hadley Smith – Bachelor of Science-Secondary Education and Teaching-Grades 6-12


   Caitlyn Elizabeth Horne – Bachelor of Science   


   Lindsay Rachel Cason – Bachelor of Science-Computer Science


   Mandilyn McMillan – Bachelor of Arts                                

   Deja Jonae Robinson – Bachelor of Science 

 Baton Rouge                                                          

   Eternity B. Cleveland – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

   Emily Sarah Schittone – Bachelor of Arts                            

   Tyler J. Sonsalla – Doctor of Philosophy

   Jacob Leon Tidwell – Bachelor of Science-Biomedical Engineering


   Kelly Dawn Corbin – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies   

   Abbey Mckenna Cubley – Bachelor of Science

   Zachary Taylor Fussell – Master of Accountancy                      

   Brittany Colvin Kendrick – Graduate Certificate

   Miriam Paloma Tovar Chavez – Bachelor of Science


   Emily Grace Miears – Bachelor of Science  


   Donald Ray Henry – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies    

   Julia M. Lemoine – Bachelor of Science    

 Bossier City                                                         

   Hannah E. Cascio – Bachelor of Science    

   Thienduc David Doan – Bachelor of Science-Computer Science

   Joshua Caleb Greer – Master of Arts

   Ashley Simone Harris – Master of Accountancy                        

   Jarmen Demetrius Hill – Bachelor of Arts                            

   Andrea R. Johnson – Master of Arts in Teaching

   Mackenzie R. Kleinpeter – Bachelor of Science   

   Patrick Frank McConnell – Doctor of Education-Education Leadership 

   Rebekah Dianne Moss – Bachelor of Science 

   Madisen Brooke Newman – Bachelor of Science

   Ryan Daniel Raburn – Bachelor of Science  

   Donovan J. Ward – Master of Science       

   Benny R. Wreyford – Bachelor of Fine Arts-Studio


   Cameron Allen Farris – Bachelor of Science

   Austin Lee Pace – Bachelor of Science-Construction Engineering Technology


   Abigail Bayley Abercrombie – Bachelor of Science

   Zachary Ellis Blake – Bachelor of Science 

   Timothy Noah Hutson – Doctor of Philosophy

   Stephanie Laine Thomas – Master of Arts in Teaching

   Chanikarn Wanmalikphan – Master of Arts in Teaching


   Anna Clair Evans – Master of Arts 

   Rebekah Grace Jones – Bachelor of Science-Elementary Education and Special Education        


   Bryan Hunter McCormick – Bachelor of Science    


   Kara S. Hodge – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies       


   Breno Yamada Riquieri – Bachelor of Science-Computer Science        


   Andrea Doylis Rabon – Bachelor of Science 


   Molly Maffettone – Master of Business Administration                

   Caroline Helen Rinderle – Bachelor of Science   

   Alexis Elizabeth Wright – Bachelor of Arts                          


   Madalyn Ashley – Bachelor of Science-Kinesiology and Health Promotion


   Hillary R. Husband – Master of Science    


   Lauren Ann Robicheaux – Bachelor of Science


   Chance Allen Burlew – Bachelor of Science 


   Jonathan Aaron Jordan – Bachelor of Science-Mechanical Engineering  


   Taylor Rae Antley – Bachelor of Science-Computer Science  

   Sheridan J. Sweitzer – Bachelor of Science


   John C. Dunbar – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies      

   Madeline Paige Keen – Bachelor of Science 

   Lucas Perry Mathis – Bachelor of Science-Construction Engineering Technology


   Emily Marie Maness – Bachelor of Science-Secondary Education and Teaching-Grades 6-12


   Erin Prescott Armstrong – Bachelor of Science   


   Noah Joseph Domingue – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies


   Trace Allen Bennett – Bachelor of Science 

   Andrew Allen Brown – Bachelor of Science  

   Lawrence Moore Robinson III – Bachelor of Science

   Bryan Keith Ulmer – Bachelor of Arts                                


   Aubrey Nicole Armstrong – Bachelor of Science   

   Ashton Seth Blanchard – Bachelor of Science

   Katelyn Marie Stephens – Bachelor of Science    

   Nicholas John Zaunbrecher – Bachelor of Science 


   Caleb H. Marquize – Bachelor of Science   

 Forest Hill                                                          

   Jacob Daniel Ladner – Bachelor of Science 

   Jackson Taylor Newman – Bachelor of Science


   Benjamin Oliver Hyde – Bachelor of Science


   Joshua L. Keiffer – Bachelor of Science-Secondary Education and Teaching-Grades 6-12


   Domonique Jamal Williams – Bachelor of Science  


   Kamryn Sydney McKeithen – Bachelor of Science   


   Cassie Land – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies         

 Grosse Tete                                                          

   Garrett Miles Booksh – Bachelor of Science


   Sanders Raymond Johnson – Bachelor of Science   


   Margaret Cox – Graduate Certificate           


   Amanda Jenkins Cruse – Master of Arts-Counseling and Guidance       

   Brandon E. Ortiz Jr. – Bachelor of Arts                              

   Claire R. White – Bachelor of Fine Arts-Studio 


   Kyle Preston Walker – Bachelor of Science 


   Gabrielle Elizabeth White – Bachelor of Science 


   Maddison Faith McFadden – Bachelor of Science   


   Briesha L. Gaines – Bachelor of Science   

   Casandre Gardner – Master of Arts in Teaching


   Christopher Alex Houeye – Bachelor of Science-Construction Engineering Technology


   Grant T. Artero – Bachelor of Arts                                  


   Aimee KahnBachelor of Science-Health Informatics and Information Management    


   Amy R. Grafton – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies      

   Jaeson Michael Hall – Bachelor of Science-Mechanical Engineering    


   Justin M. Sutton – Bachelor of Science-Mechanical Engineering       


   Jacob Douglas Harper – Bachelor of Science-Mechanical Engineering   


   Savannah Grace Lee – Bachelor of Science  


   Clarance Matthew Powell Jr. – Bachelor of Science


   Daija Frazier – Bachelor of Science       


   Daniel Elbert Durr – Bachelor of Science  


   Kevin P. McKee – Bachelor of Science-Mechanical Engineering         


   Laurin Elizabeth Clemons – Bachelor of Science  

   Caden Sellers Copeland – Bachelor of Science    

   Nicole Lynnette Stewart – Graduate Certificate

   Richard Woods – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies       


   Shelby R. Allen – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies     

   Tyesha Nicole Coleman – Bachelor of Science

   Paul Joseph De Soler – Bachelor of Science-Cyber Engineering                       

   Anna Elizabeth Guerriero – Bachelor of Science-Elementary Education and Special Education   

   Zachary O’Neal Hannibal – Bachelor of Science   

   Josef Stephen Harrison – Bachelor of Science-Mechanical Engineering 

   Jordan Cheyenne Landreaux – Bachelor of Arts                        

   Taiesha Taiketa McDowell – Bachelor of Science  

   Brandon J. Menefee – Bachelor of Science  

   Takyra M. Morgan – Bachelor of Science    

   Brynna Elise Price – Bachelor of Science-Health Informatics and Health Information        

   Alexandra Nicole Ross – Bachelor of Science

   Andrew T. Seanor – Bachelor of Science-Electrical Engineering       

   Riley Thomas Smith – Bachelor of Science-Construction Engineering Technology

   Seth R. Wylie – Bachelor of Science-Mechanical Engineering          


   Miranda Kathleen Weddleton – Bachelor of Fine Arts-Studio           


   Elise Victoria Laroux – Bachelor of Science

   Nicholas Keith Miller – Bachelor of Science

   Cameron Gabrielle Owsley – Bachelor of Science  

   Cole Garrett Zeagler – Bachelor of Science

 New Iberia                                                            

   Taylor G. Fondal – Bachelor of Arts                                 

 New Orleans                                                          

   Jordan A. Fleming – Bachelor of Science   

 New Roads                                                            

   Tyler E. Nelson – Bachelor of Science-Computer Science    

 Oak Grove                                                            

   Anthony Kent Davis Jr – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies      

   Joshua Michael Mote – Bachelor of Science-Health and Physical Education

   Ranee Michelle Shelton – Bachelor of Science    


   Abbriel A. Robertson – Bachelor of Science

   Avery M. Smith – Bachelor of Arts                                    

   Thomas Wesley Stokes – Bachelor of Science-Forestry                 


   Samone Sadaria Chatman – Bachelor of Science    


   Samuel P. White – Bachelor of Science     


   Janay Marie Williams – Bachelor of Science


   John Jacob Kraft IV – Master of Science-Engineering                 


   Blake William Wasserman – Bachelor of Science   


   Landon Michael Willis – Bachelor of Science

 River Ridge                                                           

   Michael Denny Knowles – Bachelor of Science-Construction Engineering Technology


   Robert Gage Abercrombie – Bachelor of Science   

   Ashique Ur Akond – Master of Science-Molecular Science and Nanotechnology

   Abdulaziz Riyadh Albassam – Master of Science-Engineering           

   Nasser Abdullah Algesadi – Master of Science-Engineering and Technology Management

   Mohammed Saheb Alherz – Master of Business Administration           

   Quintraven Rman Baldwin – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies     

   Stephen J. Bass – Bachelor of Science-Industrial Engineering        

   Aditya Battineni – Master of Science-Computer Science               

   Devaki Bhatta Pathak – Doctor of Philosophy                         

   Shailendra Bhattarai – Bachelor of Science-Mechanical Engineering   

   Zachery A. Bignall – Bachelor of Science-Computer Science 

   Gordon Neal Blackman III – Doctor of Philosophy                     

   Reeves Mitchell Blankenship – Bachelor of Science-Health and Physical Education

   Sarah Anne Bowman – Bachelor of Science   

   Simon Richard Boycott – Master of Science  

   Zaria Meaisha Braggs – Bachelor of Science

   Shaun Michael Breland – Bachelor of Science-Secondary Education and Teaching-Grades 6-12       

   Carolyn Denise Chadwick – Bachelor of Science   

   Judah Paul Coody – Bachelor of Science    

   Tanna Caroline Dartlon – Bachelor of Science    

   William Charles Davison – Bachelor of Science   

   Kerri Elizabeth Dear – Bachelor of Arts                             

   Cristian L. Gil bustamante – Bachelor of Science-Industrial Engineering

   Mary E. Gleason – Bachelor of Science     

   Sumegha Godara – Doctor of Philosophy  

   Morgan Catherine Graham – Bachelor of Science   

   James Paul Grigsby – Bachelor of Science  

   Jessica Lane Henry – Bachelor of Science-Health Informatics and Health Information        

   Irene Judith Hild – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies   

   Can Hong – Bachelor of Science            

   Gazi Sajjad Hossain – Master of Science-Engineering                 

   Roksana Hossain – Master of Science-Engineering                     

   John P. Hulsey – Bachelor of Science-Forestry                        

   Presley Jo Hunter – Bachelor of Science   

   Allison T. Hurst – Master of Arts-Counseling and Guidance  

   Faizan Ahmed Iqbal – Master of Science-Engineering                  

   Sara T. Jones – Master of Arts    

   Anik Karan – Doctor of Philosophy      

   Bibhut Khadka – Bachelor of Science-Computer Science      

   Zachary Tyler Levesque – Bachelor of Science    

   Jiahao Li – Master of Science-Engineering                           

   Yixin Liao – Master of Science-Engineering                          

   Jay Robert Ligon – Master of Arts 

   Kendall Alyse McMullen – Bachelor of Science    

   Lynsey Claire Mercer – Bachelor of Arts                             

   Sevda Molani – Doctor of Philosophy    

   Shelby N. Moore – Master of Arts-Counseling and Guidance   

   Kirti Kumar Nantha kumar – Master of Science-Engineering and Technology Management

   Victoria M. Ned – Bachelor of Science     

   Jacob P. Norris – Bachelor of Science     

   Efuare Daniel Okougbo – Master of Science-Engineering and Technology Management

   Brody D. Olivier – Master of Science-Engineering and Technology Management

   Matthew Kyle Pender – Bachelor of Science 

   Madison Elizabeth Perry – Bachelor of Science   

   Pravesh Pokhrel – Bachelor of Science-Chemical Engineering          

   Vianka Estefania Prado Menacho  – Bachelor of Science-Industrial Engineering

   Mashalla B. Quarles – Bachelor of Science-Early and Elementary Education-Grades Pk-3

   Jaina Elisabeth Robinson – Bachelor of Science  

   Mohammad Amin Saleh – Doctor of Business Administration             

   Skyelar Michelle Scott – Bachelor of Arts                           

   Abby Danielle Semien – Bachelor of Arts                             

   Samuel C. Spohn – Master of Science-Computer Science                

   Tyler William Suhm – Bachelor of Science  

   Aban Mahmoud Telfah – Bachelor of Science 

   Gavin C. Thomas – Bachelor of Science     

   Phillip Jordan Waltz – Bachelor of Science

   Joshua Paul Wilson – Master of Science    

   Macz K. Woods – Bachelor of Science       

   Chaoqun Yu – Bachelor of Science-Computer Science         

   Huayuan Zhong – Master of Science-Engineering                       

 Saint Martinville                                                    

   Keanu S. Anderson – Master of Accountancy                           


   Kevin S. Babers – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies     


   Carla Thompson Adams – Graduate Certificate   

   Jalyn La’rachel Anderson – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies    

   Brandon Alexander Ashlock – Bachelor of Science-Civil Engineering   

   Kady L. Aucoin – Bachelor of Science      

   Corey James Booker Jr. – Bachelor of Science    

   Emily Ann Boykin – Bachelor of Arts                                 

   Hayden Thomas Brandhurst – Bachelor of Science  

   Rylan J. Burlison – Bachelor of Science-Cyber Engineering                          

   Angelique Elizabeth Coats – Master of Arts                          

   Alison Emily Colwell – Bachelor of Science

   Fred Armstead Cox – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies   

   Mackenzie Ryan Davis – Bachelor of Interior Design                  

   Ethan Matthew Ellis – Bachelor of Science 

   Seth D. Fowler – Bachelor of Science      

   Katy Elizabeth Gorum – Master of Arts in Teaching 

   Railey Catherine Head – Bachelor of Science

   Allison C. Humphries – Bachelor of Arts                             

   Hannah L. Kay – Bachelor of Science-Elementary Education and Special Education               

   Mathieu Gehrig Knafelc – Bachelor of Science    

   Brittany Collette Luke – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies      

   Samantha Aarstad Martin – Doctor of Philosophy                      

   Machaela Ann Mason – Bachelor of Science  

   Michaela Susanne McCrary – Bachelor of Science  

   Taylor Nicole Metheny – Bachelor of Science

   Brandi Nicole Miles – Bachelor of Science-Early and Elementary Education-Grades Pk-3

   Brandon Gill Morrow – Bachelor of Science-Construction Engineering Technology

   Vanessa Bayton Mullins – Master of Arts-Counseling and Guidance     

   Hannah Nicole Parker – Bachelor of Science

   Remington B. Pierce – Bachelor of Science-Forestry                  

   Lerinda Baham Poulter – Master of Arts in Teaching

   Carlos Demetrius Prudhomme – Master of Arts In Teaching             

   Sable Eyre Sanders – Bachelor of Science-Secondary Education and Teaching-Grades 6-12

   Kara Grace Scott – Bachelor of Science    

   Samuel Christopher Seaman – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies    

   Michael Anthony Sharp – Master of Accountancy                       

   Abigail Hope Smith – Bachelor of Science  

   Andrew B. Storer – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies    

   Jason Craig Wallette – Bachelor of Science-Mechanical Engineering   

   Josh A. Wood – Bachelor of Science        

   Caitlin C. Zucco – Bachelor of Science    


   Michael C. Bearden – Bachelor of Science  


   Katie Beth Thompson – Bachelor of Science 


   Cassidy L. Simmons – Bachelor of Science-Elementary Education and Special Education         


   David Briggan Tinker – Bachelor of Science


   Katelynn Leigh`ann Bertelsen – Master of Arts in Teaching           

 West Monroe                                                          

   Cassidy Ann Clark – Bachelor of Science   

   Allen Bryan Fontenot – Bachelor of Science

   Joshua Evans Fuller – Bachelor of Science 

   Gregory T. Hawkins – Master of Arts in Teaching   

   Alicia Marie Hutson – Bachelor of Science 

   Quentin David Jones – Bachelor of Science 

   Brian T. Kirby II – Bachelor of Science-Cyber Engineering                          

   Mitchell Lee Merritt – Bachelor of Science-Health and Physical Education

   Krista Breanne Mobley – Bachelor of Science

   Jony Brianna Munholland – Bachelor of Science   

   Eryn Faith Ogden – Bachelor of Arts                                 

   Bronwyn S. Pepper – Bachelor of Science   

   John Garrett Peters – Bachelor of Science 

   Jill Nicole Rabalais – Bachelor of Science

   Alexander Davidson Ray – Bachelor of Science    

   Aaron C. Remedies – Bachelor of Arts                                

   Jacob Michael Roy – Bachelor of Science   

   Kalie Brooke Smith – Bachelor of Science-Health and Physical Education

   Sarah Lynn Wheeler – Bachelor of Science  

   Gunnar Jamison Zordan – Bachelor of Science-Secondary Education and Teaching-Grades 6-12       


   Shelby Christian Bonnette – Bachelor of Fine Arts-Graphic Design    

   Lauren Elizabeth Harrell – Bachelor of Science  

   Jason Michael Howell – Doctor of Philosophy                          


   Joseph Lane Wolleson – Bachelor of Arts                             


   Connor Daniel Gibbon – Bachelor of Science


   Eric Gavin Garcie – Bachelor of Science-Forestry                    



   Taylor N. Hicks – Bachelor of Arts                                  

 El Dorado                                                            

   Lauren Ladawn Dismuke – Bachelor of Science

   Casey Lynn Martin – Doctor of Education-Education Leadership       

 Heber Springs                                                        

   Kay Ann HousdanBachelor of Science-Health Informatics and Information Management

 Hot Springs                                                          

   James M. Rowe – Bachelor of Science       

 Lake Village                                                         

   Abigail Claire Bass – Bachelor of Science 


   Matthew Caleb Bryan – Bachelor of Science 

 Pine Bluff                                                           

   Raye A. Ledbetter – Bachelor of Science   



   Leah Michelle Reitmayer – Master of Science


   Nicholas Vito Poveromo Jr – Graduate Certificate


 Rancho Cordova                                                       

   Roshelle MillerBachelor of Science-Health Informatics and Information Management



   Kaitlyn N. Eder – Bachelor of Arts                                  

 Panama City Beach                                                    

   Sean M. Gallagher – Bachelor of Science-Kinesiology and Health Promotion


   Rashed Alashqar – Master of Business Administration

 Wesley Chapel                                                        

   Alejandra Paola Akers – Master of Health Informatics



   Tre Williams – Bachelor of Arts                                     


Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam  

Joseph Raphael Niez – Master of Science-Engineering and Technology Management



   Kalli Louise Talaska – Master of Science  

 Mt Pulaski                                                           

   Madeline Joanne Davis – Bachelor of Science


   James C. Courtad – Bachelor of Arts                                 



   Dawson Brady Farlow – Bachelor of Science 


   Rhykime Dioneta Smith – Bachelor of Science


 Great Falls                                                          

   Shanon Patrice Bonnar – Master of Arts                               

North Carolina                                                   

 Gold Hill                                                            

   Casey Edward Habich – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies 


   Susi Leigh Price – Graduate Certificate       

North Dakota                                                     

 Minot AFB                                                             

   Tom Joseph Heistuman – Master of Science-Engineering and Technology Management


   Jennifer Renae Neset – Graduate Certificate   

New Mexico                                                       

 Las Cruces                                                           

   Sandanee Stormy Wilson – Master of Business Administration          


 Las Vegas                                                            

   Michael Dambach – Graduate Certificate        

South Carolina                                                   


   Terry Chad Mauldin – Master of Science-Engineering and Technology Management

South Dakota                                                     

 New Underwood                                                        

   Ashley Lynnette Bamburg – Bachelor of Arts                          



   Maria Julia Reyna – Graduate Certificate      


   Robert Travis Ream – Associate of General Studies                   


   Elizabeth Nycole Ezell – Bachelor of Science-Chemical Engineering   

 Cedar Hill                                                            

   Katherine Nicole Alexander – Bachelor of Science


   Jacob P. Perret – Bachelor of Science     


   Nicholas Ray Ayers – Bachelor of Science-Construction Engineering Technology


   Cody L. Holland – Bachelor of Science-Computer Science    

 Fort Worth                                                           

   Sara Ruth Hoffman – Master of Science-Engineering and Technology Management

   Ian Christian Mills – Master of Science-Engineering and Technology Management


   Jordan A. Mosley – Bachelor of Science    


   Hunter H. Adams – Bachelor of Science-Mechanical Engineering        


   Christopher Smith – Bachelor of Science-Mechanical Engineering      

 Little Elm                                                           

   Cody Elijah Little – Bachelor of Science  


   Kaitlyn Noel Adams – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies  

   Victoria E. Laughlin – Master of Accountancy                        

   Cintia Marin – Bachelor of Science        


   Stephen Irvine – Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies      


   Hailey Elizabeth Hunt – Bachelor of Science


   Ashley M. Leiendecker – Bachelor of Science-Early and Elementary Education-Grades Pk-3


   Ashley Ann Desoto – Master of Business Administration               

 The Colony                                                           

   Lauren T. Jenkins – Bachelor of Science-Health Informatics and Health Information         


   Wade Ellis Burton – Bachelor of Science-Civil Engineering           

   Zach D. Parker – Bachelor of Arts                                    

 Wake Village                                                         

   Eric J. Sutton – Bachelor of Science-Health and Physical Education  


   Hugh Alexander Hamilton III – Master of Science-Engineering and Technology Management



   Carol Young – Bachelor of Science-Health Informatics and Information Management   


   Sonnya Preston – Graduate Certificate         



   Taylor Jordan Smith – Master of Science-Engineering and Technology Management