School of Music

Admissions and Auditions

Admission to the Louisiana Tech University School of Music is a two-step process:

  • Students must be accepted to the university. For more information, visit the Office of Admissions website
  • Students must audition on their principal instrument or submit a portfolio (depending upon their concentration) to be accepted into the School of Music. These requirements can be found online. This audition often doubles as an audition for scholarships (where available).

Information for Transfer Students

Students who are interested in transferring into the School of Music should apply to the university as a transfer student (see our Transfer Admission page for more information). As with all new students to the School of Music, transfer students are also required to audition or submit a portfolio to be admitted. These requirements can be found online.

Theory Placement Exams

As of Spring 2020, the School of Music does not conduct a theory placement exam for entering music students. Students entering with college credit in music theory should contact Prof. Jesse Kinne, Coordinator of Music Theory for information about placement. Likewise, students with little or no formal training in music should contact Prof. Kinne and consider registering for MUTH 100 – Rudiments of Music Theory.