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Our Mission

Through teaching and research, the School of Communication addresses the many ways communication functions to create, sustain, and transform personal life, interpersonal relations, small group relations, organizational culture, cultural conversations in society, and the effects of ethics and the media on society; promote competencies required for various modes of communication; and develop skills for analyzing, interpreting, and critiquing communication problems and questions. 

Main Statement

Today's careers require the ability to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing, and to understand how communication works within organizations and small groups and between individuals.  Our diverse, rapidly-changing society rewards those who communicate persuasively and effectively with consumers, clients, and others across cultural boundaries.  The Department of Speech offers a B.A. degree in Communication Studies that prepares you for success in your career by offering:  

Our faculty are committed to quality teaching and learning.  You will learn the latest theories and principles as well as practical applications.  Many of our faculty are well known in their fields of study, and all stay current through a combination of research activities and communication consulting.

The degree provides career flexibility - you do not have to decide during your college years on a specific career pathway.  You can enjoy the advantages of a college education and the special advantages that come with excellent communication skills, because these skills are highly valued by all employers including those in business, industry, nonprofit, organizations, government, and educational institutions.

Many students, including non-majors, elect to join our Debate Team,  which consistently ranks at or near the top in competitions across the nation.  Debate provides students with invaluable experiences in improving communication skills, which are an asset in almost any career, including law.

The school values its students and treats them accordingly.  You will be able to work with your adviser to design a program that meets your individual needs, and faculty will work hard to make sure that you have a rich learning experience as you progress through the program.

Students who select speech communication as their major enjoy communication and are generally more adept at managing interpersonal dynamics.


School Honors Outstanding Students

The School of Communication hosted a reception in the Davison Athletic Complex on May 20, 2016, to recognize and honor its outstanding students in speech during the academic year 2015 - 2016.

The awards went to the following students:

Communication Studies Outstanding Undergraduate Award

Nicole Rusck


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