Modern Languages

Modern Language (BA)

The program in Modern Languages is designed to prepare students for a variety of fields, including teaching, publishing, translating and interpreting, advertising, health care, public relations, international business, and government service. The minor or double-major in French or Spanish provides excellent pre-professional training for fields such as law, medicine, journalism or business, and international relations. Specifically, the objective of the undergraduate program is to develop an appreciation of the languages and literatures of a multi-cultural society. With 45 hours of electives in the curriculum, the modern language major is perfect for a double major or two minors. The program offers concentrations in French and Spanish.

Job Opportunities:

  • Advertising
  • Airline services
  • Event management
  • Foreign civil service
  • Global consumer relations
  • Hotel industry
  • Import/export services
  • Nursing
  • Subtitles and voice-overs
  • Teacher