Speech/Hearing Center

Housed in two locations, Robert H. Rawle Enterprise Center and Robinson Hall, the Louisiana Tech Speech and Hearing Center provides direct supervision of clinical practicum to individuals entering the discipline of human communication sciences and disorders.

Within the Center, individuals of all ages can receive direct diagnostic services and treatment services for speech, language, and hearing disorders. In addition, we conduct research activities to enhance knowledge about human communication processes and disorders.


Classes are expected to begin in the fall when University operations return to normal.

Offered to individuals with diminished voice associated with Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological disorders.

This program is designed to help those with Parkinson’s improve their speech and voice by treating the underlying physical pathologies associated with the affected voice.

Patients participating in the LSVT LOUD Program will receive 16 intensive, one-on-one treatment sessions over the course of four weeks.

The therapy sessions will:

  • Focus on improving the voice’s volume and loudness;
  • Emphsize immediate carryover into daily communication; and
  • Focus on maintaining and/or improving oral communication.

Individuals interested in the LSVT LOUD Program, or other speech and language services, should contact the Louisiana Tech Speech and Hearing Center at 318.257.4766 for more information or for an evaluation.

* Spaces are limited. A wait list will be available.