Graduate Programs


School of Communications

Speech-Pathology (MA)

For a Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology, graduates can work in multiple professional settings with people of all ages who have speech and language disorders. It is required within the Department of Communication and Disorders to become a certified speech-language pathologist.



School of Design

Architecture (MArch)

Designed for those interested in becoming a licensed architect, a Master of Architecture revolves around a three-quarter sequential comprehensive studio design project. A Graduate Advisory Committee, appointed for each student, shall review the final project in a formal presentation and oral defense. Advancing to the next course, or graduation, requires a minimum grade of a “B” in each course of the sequence. New students will submit a Plan of Study for approval by the Graduate Program Coordinator within the first week of the Fall Quarter.


Art (MFA)

A Master of Fine Arts is geared towards 60 hours in any of the three following concentrations: Graphic Design, Photography, and Studio. Within these areas, students are involved in various disciplines: painting, traditional and digital photography, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media, multimedia, and graphic design. Placing emphasis on individual student work; each student is given a private studio where most graduate experience evolves. Students are encouraged to explore critical and conceptual issues, mainly in relation to their own work. Participation in individual critiques, intensive group critiques, and critical seminars is paramount, as well as one-on-one interaction between faculty and students.


School of History and Social Science

History (MA)

By training students in the knowledge and skills necessary to the professional practice of history, students are able to further study and personal enrichment, as well as, advance in a chosen field. This particular degree is excellent preparation for teaching social studies at the secondary level, plus it is offered online.


School of Literature and Language

English (MA)

Program Highlights: Designed for students who want an advanced knowledge and training in British and American literature or technical writing. Prepares students for a variety of professions, including teaching, publishing, editing, journalism, and technical writing. Students often continue on to doctoral programs in English or Comparative Literature; they may also enter law or other professional schools.


Technical Writing And Communication (GC)

While not a graduate degree, the graduate certificate in Technical Writing and Communication is designed to confirm graduate training in technical writing. The certificate can be completed entirely online and develops the student’s writing skills for the professional and technical business environment. The program trains students in technical communication, including text formatting, documents and reports, graphics, and oral communication. In addition, students receive instruction in editing documents and engage in real-world technical writing.



School of Performing Arts

Speech, Theatre Concentration (MA)

The graduate program in Theatre offers students advanced study and scholarly research in the Theatre Arts, The program prepares the student, through in-depth theoretical and practical training, for the rigors of the 21st Century Theatrical profession. A concentration in Theatre furthers education and training in performance, entertainment, and technical aspects of the theatre and increases exposure to the expanse of theatre as practiced throughout the world and within varied cultures.