School of Communication

The School of Communication, through the College of Liberal Arts, houses the Department of Communication and Media Studies, offering the BA in Communication Studies, and the Department of Communication Disorders, offering the BA in Pre-Professional Speech-Language Pathology, the Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology, and the Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) degrees. The Master’s program in Speech-Language Pathology and the Doctoral program in Audiology are accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation of the American Speech Language and Hearing Association.

The School also serves the community through its Speech and Hearing Center and Louisiana Tech University’s award-winning Debate program. The School of Communication is housed in Robinson and Davison Halls.

Many students, including non-majors, elect to join our Debate Team, which consistently ranks at or near the top in competitions across the nation.  Debate provides students with invaluable experiences in improving communication skills, which are an asset in almost any career, including law.

The School also has the largest and most competitive graduate enrollment of any master’s program in the College, as well as the only doctoral program.

Communication Studies

Speech-Language Pathology