Communication, Theatre Concentration (BA)

The Theatre Concentration in Communication is designed for students interested in the performance, technical, and management aspects of theatre training within a liberal arts education. Auditions/interviews for placement within the program are required. These occur prior to enrollment or within the first two weeks on campus. Auditions may take place in a variety of formats: prepared performance pieces, portfolio presentation, or interviews. Students may contact the Coordinator of Theatre or the Director for the School of the Performing Arts for additional information.

Job Opportunities:

  • Actor
  • Director
  • Promoter
  • Set designer
  • Stage manager
  • Theatre criticism/scholarship
  • Theatre management


Speech, Theatre Concentration (MA)

The graduate program in Theatre offers students advanced study and scholarly research in the Theatre Arts, The program prepares the student, through in-depth theoretical and practical training, for the rigors of the 21st Century Theatrical profession. A concentration in Theatre furthers education and training in performance, entertainment, and technical aspects of the theatre and increases exposure to the expanse of theatre as practiced throughout the world and within varied cultures.