High school music rally winners announced at Tech

Mar 28, 2011 | Liberal Arts

Results of the North Louisiana High School Music Rally at Louisiana Tech recently have been announced by Laura Thompson, an assistant professor of music. The results, grouped by locality, are listed below. Unless otherwise stated, single listed names are for solo voice performance. S stands for “superior”; E stands for “excellent” and VG stands for “very good.” Bienville Parish Gibsland-Coleman High School—Joshua Ryder, I; Rachael Bailey, I; Brianna Hambrick, I; Latricia Wall, II Bossier Parish Airline High School—Tommy James, II; Britney Rolland, II; Cady Hunt, II; Lauren Chandler, II; Ally Atichson, II Claiborne Parish Summerfield High School—Brian Lowery, II; Shelbe Foster, III; LaTeadra Ridley, II Glenbrook High School—Eleanor Gilbert, II; Madison Lemoine, II; Allison Mourad, II; Eleanor Gilbert, S Desoto Parish Mansfield High School—Alex Campbell, II; Shaquielle Neal, II; Ryan Sanders, I; Louis Mayweather, I; Arnetia Howard, I; Brenay Goss, II; Alishia Whitaker, II; Infiniti Williams, II; Alishia Whitaker, Brenay Goss, Brianna Allen, girls trio, I; Infiniti Williams, Arnetia Howard, Connie Ford, girls trio, I; Alisha Whitaker, Brianna Allen, Alex Campbell, Ryan Sander, mixed quartet, I; Arnetia Howard, Brenay Goss, Demetri Hill, Louis Mayweather, mixed quartet, I North Desoto High School—Timothy J. Fuller, I; Cameron Smith, I; Timothy J. Fuller, Princess Fuller, Cameron Smith, Amber Vanover, mixed quartet, II; Franklin Parish Franklin Parish High School—Carlos Garcia, I; Quinterio Lane, I; Jessie Waller, II; Beunka Jones, II; Jessica Wolleson, II; Hannah Martin, II; D’erika Pleasant, II; Jessie Waller, Beunka Jones, Hannah Martin, Ellen Lee, Paulita Chaffizz, Jessica Lambert, Olivia Griffing, ensemble, II Jackson Parish Jonesboro-Hodge High School—Ronnie Huckaby, II; Darren Haile, II; Fonisha Stringer, I; Anna Moore, I; Kelsey Hall, II; Tanner Masters, I; Anna Moore, Brooke Shows, Tanner Masters, girls trio, I; Fonisha Stringer, Kelsey Hall, Darren Haile, Ronnie Huckaby, mixed quartet, I; Sarah Roberson, Jhazzman Martin, Rayne Parker, girls trio, I Quitman High School—Victoria Sharplin, I; Kaelyn Culpepper, I; Paige Leedy, I; Summer Austin, I; Kaelyn Culpepper, Paige Leedy, Autumn Woods, girls trio, I; Victoria Sharplin, Kaelyn Culpepper, girls trio, I; Summer Austin Kaelyn Culpepper, Paige Leedy, girls trio, I; Autumn Woods, piano solo, S+; Gregory Anderson, piano solo, S Lincoln Parish Cedar Creek—Addie Barron, I; Allie Whittenburg, I; Emily Cox, I; Lauren Spillers, II; Addie Barron, Allie Whittenburg, Emily Cox, I; Will Rudnick, S+, Justin Ker, S+, Morgan Vann, S+; Sarah Ahmed, S; Anna Blake, S+, piano solos; Addis Barron, Ivy Murray, Catherine Hild, Sarat Ahmed, ensemble, SI; Lauren Vann, Chloe Kaczvinsky, Sarah Grimm, Lacy Brown, ensemble, SII Grambling High School—Ryan Willis, I Ouachita Parish Carroll High School—Jaymeon Thomas, II; Demetrus Williams, I; Shonterion Campbell, II; Takesha Johnson, II; Tabitha Johnson, II; Tamar Johnson, II; Aspen Reynolds, I; Tabitha Johnson, Cristina Bluford, Aspen Reynolds, girls trio, I; Jaymen Thomas, Demetrius Williams, Sean Avery, Zolan Shaw, boys quartet, I; Tabitha Johnson, Aspen Reynolds, Jaymeon Thomas, Zolan Shaw, mixed quartet, I; Tabitha Johnson, Deandre Whitley, Aspen Reynolds, Demetrius Williams, Sean Avery, ensemble, II; Zolan Shaw, piano solo, S+; NaVarius Washington, Jaymeon Thomas, Darien Kennedy, boys trio, I; Tabitha Johnson, Cristina Bluford, Jamar Johnson, girls trio, II St. Frederick’s High School—Laura Wells, girls solo, I Webster Parish Minden High School—Kadeem Bailey, I; Bria Grace, I; Danelle Robbins, II; Jade Thornton, II; Deanna Hodges, III; Shelby Reed, Yasmies Frazier, Bobby Brown, Kadeem Bailey, mixed quartet, II; Bonnie Hill, Taylor Cloud, Kyerra Lewis, girls trio, I; Brittany Avery, piano solo, S+