Hamrick has work featured in revised textbook

Jan 31, 2012 | General News, Liberal Arts

The photography program coordinator at Louisiana Tech has had his portfolio chosen to be included in a revised textbook. Frank Hamrick, who also serves as an assistant professor, has his work featured in the revised version of “The Elements of Photography,” published in 2011 by Focal Press. Hamrick said he met the author, Angela Faris Belt, at a photography conference in 2008 when she was looking for work to be used in the book’s second edition. “I showed her several of my handmade books,” Hamrick said. “She was interested in how I used the book format as a way to present and distribute my photography, which fit perfectly in a chapter of the book concerning materials, process and presentation.” His portfolio focuses on his choice of presenting his photography through handmade books as a way to join it with his writing and other creative outlets. In the book, Faris Belt focuses on two of his projects: “The Wallet Book,” a book made from one of Hamrick’s old wallets, and “Scars,” a limited edition handmade book that features coffee-stained covers and several images of scarred people, plants and places. “The portfolio is six pages and features 10 illustrations along with an introduction of Angela’s thoughts on my work, a statement by me about the choice of using the book format and then artist statement for each book,” Hamrick said. Also included in the new textbook is work by Tech photography student Dan Snow, of Springdale, Ark. The book includes and discusses Snow’s use of analog/digital hybrid techniques to create the final photograph he envisions.