Professor to use grant to attend photography conference

Dec 5, 2012 | General News, Liberal Arts

Frank Hamrick, an associate professor of photography, said the entire Louisiana Tech University’s School of Art will benefit after he and a few of students finish attending the 50th annual Society for Photographic Education’s national conference at Chicago in March. “The conference has been located in several cities like Miami and San Francisco,” Hamrick said. “A lot of other schools attend, and it is a good way to represent the school.” Hamrick and his students will be able to attend the conference due in part by receiving the Louisiana Division of the Arts career advancement grant. “The grant was brought to my attention by the North Central Louisiana Arts Council, which is based out the Dixie Theater here in Ruston,” he said. According to their website, the North Central Louisiana Art Council is a non-profit organization serving Ruston and the surrounding area. At the conference, Hamrick will attend lectures concerning photography, visit exhibitions, have his artwork reviewed and communicate with other universities. “It’s a good recruitment opportunity,” he said. “Students looking for grad schools will be able to see our work and decide to come here.” Many of his students like to attend these conferences because it is a learning experience for them, Hamrick said. “A few current students and alumni always like to make the trip with me,” he said. “It’s a way for them to see other work, and it’s a reunion for our past students.” Hamrick’s work has been shown in shows at Mississippi State University and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He has also has a new limited edition book called “A Rabbit Runs In A Circle,” which has been shown at different exhibits. Written by Derek J. Amaya