Photo of Dr. Yun Chen

Dr. Yun Chen

Assistant Professor

Departments: Institute for Micromanufacturing, Mechanical Engineering

Phone: 318.257.5142

Fax: 318.257.2562


Office: IFMM 116

Specialties: Fluid Mechanics, Microfluidics, Interfacial Phenomena, Droplets and Particles, Surfactant Transport, Emulsions
Affiliated Research Center: Institute for Micromanufacturing
Research Lab: Interfacial Fluid and Particle Transport Lab, Institute for Micromanufacturing L3

Dr. Yun Chen’s main research area is in experimental and theoretical fluid mechanics that encompasses interfacial dynamics of complex flow systems, including droplets, particles, and bubbles at fluid-fluid interfaces, with an emphasis on environmental protection and biological applications. The current focuses are to study the surfactant-driven droplet and particle motion, and particle encapsulation in droplets, via microfluidic approaches, towards the development of novel biomedical devices.