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The Department of Professional Aviation is authorized to certify graduates for the Restricted-ATP under 14 CFR 61.160(b) & (d).

Flight Training at Louisiana Tech University is divided into the following FAA certificates and ratings:

Private Pilot Certificate

The Private Pilot Certificate is an entry-level certificate for building flight time towards advanced certificates and ratings. The Private Pilot Certificate requires a minimum of 35 hours of flight time (five can be in the Level 6 Flight Training Device [FTD] under 14 CFR 141) for completion. The national average for this rating is 77 hours of flight time at Part 61 flight schools.

Instrument Pilot Rating

The first rating after attainment of the private pilot certificate is the instrument rating. The instrument rating includes a minimum of 35 hours of flight instruction.

Commercial Pilot Certificate

The commercial pilot certificate allows a pilot to carry passengers or property for hire under certain conditions. This flight experience can be obtained by the end of the student's second year at Tech.

Certificated Flight Instructor

The next level in the normal sequence of certificates and ratings for pilots who select a commercial airline career is the certificated flight instructor (CFI) certificate. Although the commercial pilot certificate does allow flight for hire, it is usually the flight instructor who first finds work in the flying field. Instructors who finish their certificate may be hired to train Tech students.

Multi-Engine Rating

The Multi-Engine Rating is the final step in the Tech Professional Aviation curriculum. Currently, Tech utilizes a Piper Twin Comanche at the Ruston airport for the training of Multi-Engine students.