Professor recognized by Smithsonian Institution

Mar 29, 2010 | General News, Liberal Arts

Louisiana Tech professor Saul Zalesch has been recognized by the Smithsonian Institution for donating a large collection of retail mail order catalogs. The Smithsonian Institution has posted a reference to his collection and biography information, as well as his connection to Louisiana Tech University. Jonathan Donehoo, director of the school of art, said Zalesch collects what others would not normally collect. “We’re all collecting state quarters, while he’s collecting something people would never think to collect,” he said. “It is so interesting to view these catalogs and see how products were presented to appeal to people back then.” Donehoo said Zalesch is highly respected in the department of art. “We certainly appreciate a man with his skill, talent and knowledge,” he said. “He is an excellent teacher who has high expectations of his students. He works diligently with them; he’s an absolute storehouse for them.” Zalesch has also recently launched a Web site,, which offers information about uncommon ephermal publications of artistic and documentary significance. Donehoo said this site is beneficial to people everywhere, providing them with information that may not have been available otherwise. “Students and teachers across the world could access this material and find it appealing to their interests,” he said. “A lot can be found in the material provided.” — Written by Tina Marie Alvarenga