The Photography concentration at the School of Design is a balance of several aspects of lens based image making. A variety of processes and styles: digital and analog, still and moving image, color and monochrome, fine art and studio lighting, are taught so students can make informed decisions to develop their own skill sets and identities as photographers. Both technique and concept are stressed to push students to create images that are not only well executed, but thought provoking as well. Professional skills including writing, speaking, and self promotion are emphasized as well as applying to publishing and exhibition opportunities while in college to help prepare students for what awaits beyond graduation.


The Photography facilities consists of a lighting studio, lecture/critique classroom, a digital photography classroom with Epson and Canon printers and scanners, an analog lab including a 17 person gang darkroom along with two private darkrooms for the production of alternative photographic processes. The Photography facilities have a variety of equipment for student use including a large, professional UV exposure unit, numerous medium and large format cameras, tripods, light meters, backdrops, and studio and location lighting. On campus studios are available for upper level undergraduates and all graduate level students.